You can add some more milk if the consistency of the paruppu payasam is too thick. The only thing to pay attention to is the consistency of cooking the moong dal. Buy 1 (400ml) can of thick coconut milk, shake well and pour 1/2 contents in a bowl and dilute with 2 cup of water for thin coconut milk – 1st extract – monnampal and for semi thick 2nd extract-Randaampal, dilute 1 cup of water with 1/2 of 1 can. Remaining milk in can is thick milk. Do not hot milk to the payasam… 4. If you get that right, there is nothing else you would need to worry about. 2. 1. 3. The cooked moong dal and coconut milk adds a nice bit of creaminess to the payasam. This paruppu payasam is a very easy dessert to make. If doing so, take a thick extract of coconut milk of 1/2 cup and add to the Paruppu payasam, after switching off the flame. If using store-bought coconut milk. You can replace coconut milk instead of milk.