So who really grows the best peach? Rain, heat, dirt and a whole lot more! Meet Our Growers. If you've ever wondered why we choose to bring Georgia peaches to our customers from Pearson Farm ever year, here's a taste. How sweet of you to drop by for a taste! Perhaps more important, he developed a refrigerated rail car, making it possible to ship Georgia peaches to larger markets in Boston, Philadelphia and New York. The passion and skill they bring to growing peaches is something only achieved from handing down knowledge from generation to generation. Georgia designated the peach as the official state fruit in 1995 (Georgia also recognizes a state vegetable, a state crop, and an official prepared food). As … Georgia has a heritage 150 years long of growing peaches right here in our state. They were a gift from my family that lives in Macon, GA. I’m sick and wouldn’t be able to drive down so she made sure I had the peaches I love to buy when I’m there. Welcome to our Georgia Peaches website. Thanks again from Lexington, Kentucky ” I’ve bought from other places and I love yours the best. I love visiting your farm for my peaches when I visit family in Georgia. “The big peaches that Georgia is known for in June and July are going to be really nice,” Dickey predicted. All State Foods. Official State Fruit of Georgia. Searches for “Georgia peaches” have outpaced those for “South Carolina peaches” by nearly 20 percent since 2004, said Sandra Heikkinen of Google.