With greenhouse production, it is available throughout much of the year. Rhubarb is a rhizomatous perennial whose leafstalks (technically leaf petioles but often referred to as ‘sticks’ or 'stems') are grown as a vegetable but used mainly as a dessert. When to plant rhubarb In the United States rhubarb generally, will grow quite successfully between from Maine to Illinois, and west to Washington. Budded pieces, meanwhile, are a portion of an established crown. It crops over a long period, is completely hardy and grows in any garden soil. Rhubarb crowns are established plants that are at least one year old. These can be cropped two years after planting. Rhubarb grown in hothouses (heated greenhouses) is called hothouse rhubarb, and is typically made available at consumer markets in early spring, before outdoor cultivated rhubarb is available. Rhubarb is grown in many areas. If you live in the Southern States of the United States, rhubarb … They will produce a crop in the first harvest season after planting, which is much sooner than rhubarb plants that are grown from seed. Most of the commercial rhubarb grown in the United States is grown in Washington, Oregon and Michigan.