While it’s important to use the right pie baking tools, there still seems to be much debate about how to get that perfect crust. The smoking point of lard is high in comparison to butter. Lard is used for cooking and baking. It’s also tasteless, odorless and can be stored in the fridge for up to a year – all handy benefits that our great grand parents would have savored. Lard can also be made at home, an increasingly popular option for consumers who want it fresh. Be careful, however, as some Latin American Spanish speakers use manteca to refer to butter, or a butter and fat mixture. These would be best made with leaf lard since this type of lard has minimal smell. If you asked my grandmother, she’d tell you to use lard. What is Lardo? It's still made today by curing, spicing, and aging this exceptionally fatty cut of meat to create a rich charcuterie that can be eaten in many ways. Another good kitchen use for lard is to grease pans such as pie plates and also to season cast iron cookware. They made their own soap with fats and ash (lye). It does not become rancid. Others swear by shortening to bind the ingredients together. Farms would raise and slaughter their own pigs and use every part of every animal they raised. It’s also not as widely used because many people do not consume foods with pork fat for religious and other dietary reasons. Lard and butter used to be the only two fats used for cooking and baking before margarine and oils were created. It is also combined with seasonings. Butter from their cows worked great for making breads, cookies, cakes, etc. Lard can be used to make soaps and candles, two items more commonly made with tallow. Rendered pork fat creates lard, an ingredient that is used in many retro cook books. Lard is used in French fries, fry chips and breaded meats. My mom would tell you butter. In a pinch, lard can also be used to … Today, lard is a lot less popular than it once was because of its reputation for being an unhealthy food. Other Facts . Kamala Harris's Indian uncle 'felt a little sorry for Pence' State tells meteorologist to 'stay home' amid hurricane But until recently, it's been generally looked down upon, and without a truly good reason. Lard used to be just as popular as—if not more than—butter. The smear campaign is similar to the recent battle between corporate sugar and fat proponents. Crispy roast turkey skin, flaky short pie crust, slow cooked casseroles, delicate cakes and cookies are all enhanced by lard. There are other ways to use lard that aren’t as commonly thought about. Lard is used to form pastry dough in the Catalan cuisine. The refrigeration is not required for the fresh lard. In stores, it can sometimes be found in the Hispanic ingredients section, labeled Manteca, the Spanish word for lard. Used for centuries in Italian cuisine, namely that from Colonnata, a Tuscan hamlet in the Apuan Alps, this food dates back to the time when Romans were the superpower. In North America and Europe, Lard is used as a spread on the bread.