I might do a follow up on them. Water babies are a Native American legend that are found in a couple of different places in America, but most famously in Pocatello at the Massacre Rocks State Park. Now, these sprites can be seen playing in the canals and rivers around the Shoshone Bannock reservation. Their purpose is unclear, but the urban legend is alive and moving in Utah. They survived the famine by feasting on tadpoles and small fish. Shortly after, a different man claimed to see a huge reptile with the head of a dog patrolling the waters of the lake. They would make sounds very reminiscent of crying babies. a:hover { Once in a while, a story will arise of a mermaid having something to do with storms; Whether it was causing one, or enjoying it, is never really decided. The Water Babies of Massacre Rocks 70 6 0. by brooksville818. The Shoshone tribe was first recorded in 1805 and were roaming the Great Plains as early as the 1500s, so … It is said that the babies changed, they grew tails and fins and gills. They referred to them as “Water Babies” because of their clever tactics in luring people to their deaths. It was called the Barons. After all, myths, legends, and folktales are created to help explain the unexplainable and unforgivable. However, their tale and the tale of the local white man differ. They never forgot the sins of their mothers and will claim the life of any foolish enough to approach the water's edge. Chelsea Frasure (author) from Idaho on December 27, 2015: Myth buster, they are strangely hard to find, but I have been doing a bit of research. by KyranShadows (Kyran Shadows) with 41 reads. mythbuster from Utopia, Oz, You Decide on December 27, 2015: I've enjoyed this hub, Chelsea Frasure. From beasts to beastly babies, it’s quite the threatening body of water. History tells us that Native American tribes, including those in the Western US, practiced infanticide. Send to Friend. He brings her back to the lake to be his wife. Long ago it was the scene of an incredibly awful, sad incident, and nowadays it is the home of ghosts who haunt it because of that incident. It is thought to have belonged to the Tule River. text-decoration: none; The most likely relation to the legend of the water babies is that of mermaids. Rejected, the creature puts a curse on the lake. Contact Information: Massacre Rocks State Park Read The Water Babies of Massacre Rocks from the story Urban Legends, Haunted Places, ETC . Most of them agree, however, that a water baby is a Native American bred urban legend of small child-like creatures living in the waters of reservations around the Western United States. The water babies in this story are kindred spirits of the young man who loves the water and river swimming more than anything. These beasts live in the water of Utah Lake. Soon after, a baby was possessed by a water spirit in the shape of a snake. They told someone or their tribe people or something like that the hole story when they made it where they were going but they laughed at them thinking they had made it up but none of the men would not go back in or close to the waters edge Oh the rock she had been setting on was actually a huge turtle I don't remember the hole story I was young or if it had been two story's but she told me her grandparent's had told her the story I remember it making me listen to my mother when she would tell me not to get close to the edge of the water and I didn't go past my belly button so I could get away fast if something tried to drag me under. text-decoration: none; There seems to be a bit of ancient mythology lurking around. In Greek mythology, the creatures called sirens shared similar attributes to that of the water baby. . They could not feed themselves, nor could they feed any new mouths. It’s supposed to be the spirits of those same babies, looking for their mothers.  –TechnoTempo420. They could not feed themselves, nor could they feed any new mouths. All humans throughout time have been fascinated by the murky depths of the seas, lakes, and rivers that make up the majority of our world. These creatures do not do much in mythology, however, except to fall in love with human men. Enchanted by the unknown, humans will create visions of woman or children in these unexplored places. Sightings occurred steadily throughout the late 1800s through the 1920s, when they died down. Shoshone were reported to have a shortage of women because of female infanticide. It is said after the babies were drowned, they changed and grew fins and and gills in order to survive in the water by eating small fish. Share via Email Report Story Outside of my hometown of Pocatello, Idaho is a tragic, frightening spot known as Massacre Rocks. I grew up in Pocatello. We would party in our vehicles on the side of the road. Although the myth of Water Babies is fairly unique to the western United States and the Native American tribes that call this area home, their similarities to other ancient legends cannot be ignored. a:link { The Native American's claim a different tale. Outside of my hometown of Pocatello, Idaho is a tragic, frightening spot known as Massacre Rocks. Their story tells of a Native American mythical creature much like a dwarf. This at least, helps us comprehend the similarities in the world-wide water legends. a:active { It was similar there, but we called it simply the diversion. This small creature has some specific characteristics that are sometimes conflicting in essence. Even just at dusk. Their story is of a man who discovers a beautiful woman with the tail of a fish. There is a very interesting novella by Jim Harrison, a Michigan writer who died in 2016 called The River Swimmer.