They didn't end up owning almost half of the Philippine car market if they didn't know how to satisfy their customers. Or maybe a sticking torque-converter clutch. That’s another let down.”, “I have [driven] Toyota [cars] for 30 years without any problems. Toyota recently developed the automatic transmission―the 8-speed Direct Shift-8AT. Especially, if u are owning a Toyota car, this is common issue among Toyota automatic transmission problems, This usually happens due to burnt, dirty or no fluid. This is the least likely answer, and an area where it may be time to call in the pro’s. Know more about the Toyota Fortuner at Sort Models By Reliability The stability problem and the road holding also pertains to the Toyota Hilux 4x4 3 litre Raider, which I own. The ECU reprogramming will be made available at all Toyota dealers nationwide by August 31, our source told us. Occasionally, I detected inconsistency in power delivery while accelerating. The new Fortuner 2020 7 seat SUV is big, tough, and powerful for the school roundup or adventure trip. Check out Autotrader to find deals on this car.. It’s a pretty decent price for the Fortuner, which undercuts competitors like the Ford Everest by a fair margin. You are here at the page for Toyota Fortuner 2018 Automatic transmission for sale on - one of the largest online platforms for car buying and selling in the Philippines. The 2014 Toyota Fortuner has 2 problems & defects reported by Fortuner owners. Worst Toyota Fortuner Transmission Problems. Thousands of owners of 2015-2019 Tacoma models have complained about transmission and overall powertrain problems in their vehicles, which have yet to have been sufficiently addressed by Toyota. It was diagnosed with transmission trouble. I am inclined to purchasing a Fortuner with manual transmission instead of an automatic transmission after reading all the issues on the later. While transmission lifespans are determined on a case-by-case basis, your 8 speed transmission can last up to 10,000 miles, while others can last longer- up to 200,000 miles. We asked our contact from the Toyota network, and this is what we gathered: "This is not a safety issue. Economisez avec notre option de livraison gratuite. I lost total confidence in the longevity by the way it's acting and I wanted to post it for everyone to steer them away from this model and others that have this Direct Shift UA80 series 8 speed transmission like the Camry/Sienna until they have fixed it. Furthermore, Toyota made other efforts that helped to achieve what they call stellar “transmission efficiencies.”  But what about the issues Toyota owners have with the 8-speed transmission? Toyota Fortuner comes in different diesel variants that have combination of four-wheel drive, two-wheel drive, automatic transmission and manual transmission. 2021 Toyota Fortuner GXL: Engine: 2.8-litre, four-cylinder turbo diesel: Power and torque: 150kW at 3400rpm, 500Nm at 1600–2800rpm: Transmission: 6 … You have to push the throttle pedal halfway to the floor to get it to move quickly. One of automatic transmission problems that require many attentions is o verheating transmission. I traded it in on the weekend for another manufacturer/model because I just couldn't deal with it any longer. Starting letter P diagnostic code shows that there are problems in engine, transmission and emissions systems. Source: Toyota Fortuner Owners Manual, Part No: 01999-0K133 37 Months 11 Inspect every 5,000 km (3,000 miles), Replace every 30,000 km (18,000 miles) Blow air to the sensor intermittently for about 30 seconds every 60,000 km (36,000 miles) TOYOTA FORTUNER MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE 4 3 5 Not all AT units are affected.". Adventure lies ahead --on or off the road, and no doubt the Toyota Fortuner will bravely commit. The Toyota Fortuner, also known as the Toyota SW4, is a mid-size SUV manufactured by Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota.The Fortuner is built on the Hilux pickup truck platform. I found out from Toyota that part of the behavior is attributable to the transmission shifting to neutral between gears. History has proven the Fortuner to be the ideal vehicle for its time, with a rugged ladder-frame chassis and the kind of military-grade durability you’d expect from a Toyota commercial vehicle. A used transmissions was ordered and should be delivered next week. by Raymond Figuerres | Apr 24, 2019 PHOTO: Mazda . I have only got 7000km on the clock, and already have had to replace the front suspension, due to the unbelievably bad road holding on gravel roads, which I travel 90% of my time. Know more about the Toyota Fortuner at Love what you just created from the information you just entered? Social-media groups consisting of owners both here and elsewhere in the ASEAN region have been abuzz with speculation as to the actual reason for this issue. Toyota's 2KD-FTV engine, also known as 2.5 D-4D, is a 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder turbo diesel engine. Terms & Conditions: YOU must have experienced the issue, I'm not interested in hearsay. Even if you don’t have the title for that Toyota, we may still buy it! Make an offer Call now. Until 2011, there was a problem with piston cracking. Look no further than. Sure, Toyota may state that it lowers a vehicle's fuel requirements. Especially, if u are owning a Toyota car, this is common issue among Toyota automatic transmission problems, This usually happens due to burnt, dirty or no fluid. Toyota Fortuner 2.4 G Diesel 4x2 AT. This Thread does NOT replace the 'Problems' Thread - you must still post your problems here: 2015 Fortuner 4x4 V DSL AT. It will be installed and hopefully the problem will be over. What does it cost? Tell us all about your car, so that you can obtain the firmest FREE online offer, ever. So, we will work hard to make that happen! Later, they told me that computer shows car's transmission is fine and that perhaps I should not buy a car with a new untested system—and should have waited till the bugs were worked out. Recalls, problems and faults for the Toyota AN160 Fortuner (2015-on).