Jeez Nora, your life sounds like a soap opera. I would have a very hard time pulling choosing my top 10 out of there. Don't worry, all of your favorite items are still here, they just might look a little different. But they do not affect the actual opinions and recommendations of the authors. The feeling you get when somebody smiles at you. That whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Sun showers. Entertaining this happy thought will enable you to see things through and to remind yourself that failure is not permanent. I’ve been writing out tons of gratitude lists and it’s really helped me notice the small blessings I’m surrounded by everyday. Hi Nora...sorry to hear about what you're going through. I hope your physical health improves quickly. 40056 Dog Atar Lately, I've had a difficult time looking at the positive things in my life, because I've been so focused on the negative. You've inspired me to do the same. You tend to smile when you’re happy. Everything becomes dire and full of despair. Spandex, kittens, rude people falling down, salmon with dill, celebrity nipple slips, Wolf Blitzer lawn gnomes, Darth Vader Pez dispensers, the Dali Llama, puppy kisses, and the fact that they are filming season two of. Haili Lanz. Go and find your happy place. I get happy just reading them. 7 Reasons Why a Life Without Purpose is Unfulfilling, How to Make Changes in Life To Be the Best Version of You, 17 Ways for Building Resilience and Staying Tough, 12 Self-Destructive Habits to Eliminate for a Positive Life, 7 Public Speaking Techniques To Help Connect With Your Audience, 8 Signs of a Man Who Will Never Ever Stop Loving You, 8 Things To Remember When Dating Someone With A Guarded Heart, 40 Acts of Kindness to Make the World a Better Place, Why It Matters to Take Care of Yourself First (And How to Do It), Focus On Yourself, Because Most Of The Time No One Really Cares, 15 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself (Especially When Feeling Down), 9 Types of Emotional Vampires to Protect Yourself From, 8 Reasons Why Teamwork Is Important at Work, 10 Ways to Build Positive And Effective Work Relationships, How to Find a Mentor That Will Help You Succeed, How to Change Careers Successfully When It Seems too Late, How Relationships Building Helps Achieve Career Success, How to Write a Letter of Recommendation (With Templates), 12 Practical Interview Skills to Help You Land Your Dream Job, How to Make Going Back to School at 30 Possible, How to Focus on Yourself and Accomplish Your Goals in Life, 15 Office Design Tricks That Will Increase Your Productivity at Work, 8 Benefits of a Minimalist Lifestyle That Get You to Live With Less, How to Make Time Go Faster When You’re Having a Bad Time, The Art of Building Relationships You Need to Succeed in Your Career, Why Taking Things for Granted Can Take Away Your Joy, How to Appreciate Life More and Be Grateful, How to Crush Your Lack of Motivation and Always Stay Motivated. Just a thought. Nothing. How about being alive! After all- it's the little things in life that can mean the most! The sound of an ice cream truck? So my plans of spending the next three months in romantic coupled bliss on a tropical island are out the window. Gentle ocean waves. There are so many things to be happy about. There are so many more things to be happy and laugh about than we realize. You're still alive, nothing is broken, and you aren't in anything is possible. Wise Bread is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to There's also a book called "The Book of Awesome" and a sequel called "The Book of Even More Awesome." Barbara Ann Kipfer [copyright 1997-2020] X. welcome! The word "bellybutton." A mug of frothy hot chocolate after coming in from the cold. I'm sure you'll find someone better soon. Traveling the world full-time in a financially sustainable way since 2007, What Really Goes into Creating a Credit Card, 3 Tips to Get a Bigger Kick out of Your Rewards Programs, Tips to Maximize Credit Card Reward Earnings. This book is a list of 14,000 things to be happy about. The feeling of comfort when a pet snuggles up to you after a long hard day. (See also: Housesit on Your Next Vacation). I love the list you came up with. At least you were able to make some lemonade out of lemons in regards to your post. Every night before I go to sleep I try to remind myself of all the things I was happy/grateful for that day. It's been a year since you wrote this, but you should know your writing is helping many others out there. Thanks for sharing in your tough times. =]. Then I read them my list, and they were smiling and laughing in agreement the whole time. Being inside when it's raining. Welcome to the newly redesigned Things To Be Happy About website! Alone time to wind down As a result of the way they are wired to process events and information, introverts get easily overwhelmed by everyday things. You are a strong person. No, I’m not saying “place” as in popping to your local bar or restaurant and gorging yourself on your favorite drinks or food. I don't know about you, but I actually feel a bit better. My “partner” — who was supposed to join me here shortly — announced that he's been sleeping with another woman, and....drum roll, please....she's pregnant.