Thereupon he rode to the old King’s palace, and told him how his Brothers had betrayed him while he slept, and had sworn him to silence. This story is in the public domain and is part of the cited work. The two Brothers now went to the youngest Prince, mocking him, and saying, “You certainly found the water of life; but you had the trouble and we had the reward; you should have been more cautious and kept your eyes open, for we took your cup while you were asleep on the sea; and, moreover, in a year one of us intends to fetch your Princess. He opened the gate with the wand and fed the lions the bread. A king was dying. When his Brothers came he was very glad, and he related to them all that had happened to him; how he had found the water of life and brought away a cupful of it; and how he had rescued a beautiful Princess, who for a whole year was going to wait for him, and then he was to return to be married to her, and receive a rich kingdom. A graduate of both Houghton College and the Institute of Children's Literature, Sandy received her MLS from Rutgers University while working as a full-time music teacher and a freelance author. Once upon a time there was a King who was so ill that everybody despaired of his life, and his three sons were very sorry, and went out into the palace gardens to weep. He went on and found a beautiful princess, who kissed him, told him he had freed her, and promised to marry him if he returned within a year. He sprang up, got the water, and escaped, with the closing gate taking off the heel of his boot. But the Huntsman cried out, “He lives yet! He had three sons who were much distressed about it, and went down into the palace-garden and wept. The king was sickened by the sea water. As soon as they arrived at home the youngest Brother took his cup to the sick King, that he might drink out of it and regain his health. Read your favorite ghost stories, fables, folktales, myths, legends and fairytales. As soon as he arrived at the door it was opened, and the Princess received him with joy, saving he was her deliverer and the lord of her dominions. Olcott, Frances Jenkins, ed. The dwarf told him it was in a castle, and gave him an iron wand to open the gates and two loaves to feed to the lions inside. Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm (4 January 1785 – 20 September 1863) was a German philologist, jurist, and mythologist. The youngest thought so constantly of the princess that he did not notice it, so he rode up it, was admitted, and they married. Then he had to get the water before the clock struck 12 when the gates would shut again. Swedish folktale collectors George Stephens and Gunnar Olof Hyltén-Cavallius listed "The Water of Life" as a German variant close to the Swedish version they collected (Ungdoms-Landet; English: "The Land of Youth"). After, this they went on board a ship to pass over the sea which separated them from home, and during the voyage the two elder Brothers said to one another, “Our Brother has found the water of life and we have not; therefore our Father will give the kingdom which belongs to us to him, and our fortune will be taken away.” Indulging these thoughts they became so envious that they consulted together how they should kill him, and one day, waiting till he was fast asleep, they poured the water out of his cup and took it for themselves, while they filled his up with bitter salt water. Then she told him where the spring was. The huntsman confessed that he had not killed him, and so the king issued a proclamation that he could freely return. While the King lay in this state, the two elder Princes came, and accused their Brother of poisoning their Father; but they had brought the right water, and they handed it to the King. is the place to access folklore from countries all over the world. Then he came to a hall where there were sleeping princes, and he took rings from their fingers and some bread and a sword from the table. Now, when the second Son did not return, the youngest begged leave to go and fetch the water, and the King was obliged at last to give his consent. PA: The Penn Publishing Company, 1922. But as he came up to the door the guards told him he was not the right person, and he must ride back again. Cosquin, Emmanuel. Complete summary of Wilhelm Grimm's The Water of Life. He met the dwarf who told him what happened to his brothers and at his imploring freed them, warning that they had evil hearts. The prince went back to his father and told the true story. A Group of Eastern Romances And Stories From the Persian, Tamil, And Urdu. TRADITIONAL FOLKTALES, GHOST STORIES, FAIRY TALES & FABLES. I will give you my royal coat and you shall give me yours in exchange.” To this the Huntsman readily assented, for he felt unable to shoot the Prince, and after they had exchanged their clothing the Huntsman returned home, and the Prince went deeper into the wood. Then they came to two more kingdoms in the same situation, and they did the same. [4] They also metioned a Russian variant titled Das Märchen von Ljubin Czarewitsch, der schönen Czarewna, seiner Gemahlinn, und dem beflügelten Wolf, which was translated years later as Story of Lyubim Tsarevich and the Winged Wolf[5] and Prince Lubim and the Winged Wolf. The king wished to punish the older brothers, but they had already boarded a ship and were never seen again. Then hasten and fetch some of the water of life before it strikes twelve, for then the door will shut again, and you will be imprisoned.”. The princess in the castle had made a golden road to it and told her people that it would bring her true groom to her and to admit no one who did not ride straight up it. “No,” replied the Prince. A little farther on he came to a room wherein stood a beautiful maiden, who was so pleased to see him that she kissed him and said he had freed her, and should have her whole kingdom, and if he came in another year their wedding should be celebrated. [7][8] W. A. Clouston saw the quest for the magical flower as a parallel to the German fairy tale "The Water of Life". The Prince was frightened, and said, “Let me live, dear Huntsman, let me live! [6], In an Indian variant, The Rose of Bakawali, the king becomes blind and, on his doctors's orders, sends his five sons for the only possible cure: the magical rose of the fairy princess Bakawali. Editor of and, S.E. The Dwarf, however, enchanted him, and it happened to him as it had to his Brother: he came to a defile where he could move neither forward nor backward. They went out before me in search of the water of life, and did not return.” “They are stuck fast between two mountains,” replied the Dwarf; “because they were so haughty, I enchanted them there.”. This done, he hastened to the door, and was scarcely out before it struck twelve, and the door swung to so heavily that it carried away a piece of his heel. Within lie two lions with open jaws, but if you throw down to each a loaf of bread they will be quiet. The older brothers accused the youngest of trying to poison him and gave him the water of life. After this tale the three Brothers rode away together, and soon entered a province where there were war and famine raging, and the King thought he should perish, so great was his necessity. for I could not find it in my heart to fulfil your commands”; and he told the King how it had happened. "The Water of Life" (German: Das Wasser des Lebens) is a German fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm, tale number 97. Scarcely had he drunk a little out of the cup when the King felt his sickness leave him, and soon he was as strong and healthy as in his young days. There was once a King who had an illness, and no one believed that he would come out of it with his life. The king decided to have his youngest son secretly killed (as punishment). When he woke, it was a quarter to twelve. Now, the Prince was not willing to return home to his Father without his Brothers, and so he said to the Dwarf, “Dear Dwarf, can you tell me where my Brothers are? This effected, the Prince took back the bread and sword, and rode on farther with his Brothers, and by and by they came to two other provinces where also war and famine were destroying the people. He is known as the discoverer of Grimm's law (linguistics), the co-author with his brother Wilhelm of the monumental Deutsches Wörterbuch, the author of Deutsche Mythologie and, more popularly, as one of the Brothers Grimm and the editor of Grimm's Fairy Tales.