$699. The importance of picking a quality acoustic guitar, even for a beginner, is unparalleled to other instruments. So thereby showcasing Taylor’s unbelievable excellent controller on the other side of the board. In our ears, the AW54 had a slightly bigger sound than the AC240. Michael even answered in the interview that he doesn’t even feel like he is playing a small guitar. Tonally, you can expect the GS Mini to be bright and focused. The Taylor – Academy 12 is our top choice for a beginner acoustic guitar. Additionally, this guitar comes with a deluxe gig bag included upon purchase. Guitars come in many different shapes and sizes. When poorly intonated guitars aren’t even “consistently poorly” intonated, attempting to fix them is almost always a losing battle. Than twenty-five percent of its own routine Grand Symphony Acoustics. Having said this, I was surprised by the playability of the CD-60S. The Taylor GS Mini-e acoustic guitar is our next review. You can’t go wrong with any of these, but we recommend avoiding the nylon string model unless you or your child plan to stick to classical fingerpicking. The pickup itself has no controls. This test was conducted by fretting the strings at the first fret (using a capo), along with the fret that marks where the neck merges with the body of the guitar. (48 mm) Fingerboard: Genuine African Ebony Neck wood: Solid Sapele Scale length: 25.5 in. The sparse blot complete does not shield from street Put on. However, smaller-bodied guitars can be very useful for traveling, and many adults and teenagers choose smaller guitars for this reason. In 1996, it well-tried that scaled-down guitar designed for travelers or youngsters. Your email address will not be published. He is an American songwriter, singer, guitarist, and performer. The majority of the mini guitars miss the bass sound, GS mini is a winner here. To measure action, we used a precision ruler (1/64”) to measure the distance from the bottom of the low E and high e strings to the top of the 12th fret. It’s important to invest in a guitar that was built with these factors in mind. This guitar is an excellent pick for players on a budget and for those looking for ease of playability with well-built construction from a reliable company. This guitar produced tons of sound with the brightness and clarity you’d expect from a Taylor, but at a reduced size compared to the other full-sized guitars. Body Body type: Taylor Grand Auditorium Cutaway: Yes - Venetian Top wood: Solid Sitka Spruce Back & sides: Layered Rosewood Bracing pattern: Taylor Standard II Bracing (Forward Shift Pattern) Body finish: Gloss 6.0 Top, Satin 5.0 Back and Sides Orientation: Right-Handed Neck Neck shape: Standard Taylor Profile Nut width: 1 11/16" (42.8mm) Fingerboard: Genuine African Ebony Neck wood: Sapele Scale length: 25 1/2" In addition to the Academy 12’s excellent playability, its quality of sound and solid construction are sure to make it a guitar that lasts a lifetime. I personally use a Baby Taylor acoustic guitar for my lessons because it is so easy to transport. The sustain fills within the chords on cross-picked tunes, and on “Norwegian Wood”. The moment it has to do with learning just how you can play beginners. The instrument is truly great at the midrange. Electric guitars are different from acoustic guitars in that they require amplification through a separate unit fittingly called an amplifier. We were enamored by the sound of the beautiful, all-mahogany Ibanez – AW54OPN. Intonation problems are far more common with cheaper acoustic guitars.