Virazon Properties owns and operates Tall Timbers Village (TTV). Tall Timbers continues that legacy with applied research on prescribed fire and land management. Tall Timbers has a number of concerns given the potential for significant and wide spread impacts. (PFTC) specializes in training fire fighters the principles and techniques of prescribed fire through practical hands-on experience. Often called the land between two rivers, the Red Hills Region is nestled between the scenic Ochlockonee and Aucilla Rivers. The main information hub for the Tall Timber Home Owner's Association in Leavenworth, WA. [link to Planning & Advocacy section] The landowners’ strong stewardship ethic preserves their working lands while replenishing drinking water supplies, protecting water quality, and providing wildlife habitat for dozens of rare and endangered species. News Release. <pre>Dear Commissioner,</pre> <pre> </pre> <pre>Just say No! Tall Timber Home Owner's Association. Working with partners in the Prescribed Fire Science Consortium, the program is building nexgen 3-D fuel beds using terrestrial LiDAR and novel sampling techniques to power new fire behavior models for prescribed fire managers. The Red Hills Region is a 300,000-acre area located between Thomasville, Georgia and Tallahassee, Florida. Today, there is a tremendous need to expand prescribed fire use beyond the Red Hills to ensure ecosystem health and reduce wildfire risk. Tall Timbers’ conservation easements on these working properties encourage landowners to retain their traditional livelihood by keeping farms in family ownership. Educating and guiding the next generation of fire researchers and managers is a key goal of Wildland Fire Science and a resource for testing new ideas in fire research. With the proximity to downtown and being conveniently located near restaurants, shopping centers, schools, churches, three golf courses and Brechtel Park, Tall Timbers is a great place to live in the New Orleans Area. Join us in asking the Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners to OPPOSE the Suncoast Connector toll road and its path through Jefferson County. Annual Water Report. Known for its rolling hills and red clay soils, the region is rich in biological diversity, historic resources, and scenic beauty. Home. Our work combines field observations using advanced thermal imaging techniques, laboratory studies, and coupled fire-atmospheric modeling to help managers improve outcomes of managed fire regimes. Learn more about the toll road and how you can help oppose it. Board Meeting Minutes. Electricity is also included for RV’s (up to $150/mo.). Tall Timber Expeditions combine outdoor adventures with spiritual growth. Contact Information. Once dominated by longleaf pine, our pine woodlands support abundant wildlife and local economies. The Suncoast Connector and two other proposed toll roads were approved by the Florida Legislature with virtually no analysis or demonstration of need.</pre> <pre> </pre> <pre>Jefferson County and the Big Bend are already served by US 19, which is an excellent four-lane highway that is lightly traveled and operating at a fraction of its capacity. Free Community-Wide Wi-Fi. The Longleaf Legacy landscape prescribed fire burn team arm of Wildland Fire Science works directly with landowners and partners to effectively put fire on the ground and promote prescribed fire throughout the region. We are working to slow the spread of COVID-19 by following best management practices as outlined by the CDC. Tall Timbers is an upscale residential community of over 550 homes located ten minutes from downtown New Orleans, on the West Bank of the Mississippi River. Tall Timbers is leading an effort to map fire regimes at the landscape scale. The region also boasts outstanding aquatic resources. The Tall Timber story begins in 1956. These preserves also support the largest community of Red-cockaded woodpeckers on private lands. With billions of tax dollars being invested in restoring freshwater flow to the Everglades, why would we risk the same outcome in our backyard?</pre> <pre> </pre> <p>Construction of the Suncoast Connector toll road would fragment wildlife habitat along a 150-mile corridor and threaten publicly conserved lands enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.</p> <p> </p> <p>The Suncoast Connector would also be a limited access highway ― the road would bypass existing communities along its path, such as Monticello. Herbert L. Stoddard and his associates Ed and Roy Komarek were pioneers in this emerging scientific field during the mid-20th century. Learn more about the toll road and how you can help oppose it. Tall Timber roots are Presbyterian, but summer camp is open to kids of all backgrounds. Natural, historical, and cultural wonders abound throughout the Red Hills. Our location provides the perfect setting to immerse students in one of the greatest outdoor classrooms the Northwest has to offer. While conducting a senior high camp at Lake Wenatchee, four pastors from the North Central Washington Presbytery stopped by a dude ranch up the White River Valley. It was easy to go to summer camp or weekend retreat when you were young, but the importance of disconnecting to reconnect doesn't diminish as we get older. Home to world-class wild quail populations, the Greater Red Hills region contains the largest concentration of gamebird preserves in the United States. Laze by the pool and enjoy the peaceful ambience or observe the colourful parrots from underneath the generous shade of our magnificent trees. 2.5K likes. Tall Timbers hosts the Prescribed Fire Science Consortium, a national network of researchers and managers who promote integrated research and management to advance next generation tools for fire practitioners. Company is located in the register under the national Company number 775153. The region serves as a lifeline between coastal and northern wildlands. Important Documents. Monthly lot rent is $383 per month for manufactured homes and $650 per month for RV’s working in the gas well and pipeline industry. Tall Timber Ranch, Leavenworth, Washington. These land owners and the culture of fire that was maintained by them during decades of suppression are a part of why Tall Timbers is a world-wide center for prescribed fire science. These include fragmenting public and private conservation lands, robbing business from Main Street Monticello, impacting our rivers and other water resources, and making prescribed fire more difficult and costly. A new study by Tall Timbers and the Center for Economic Forecasting and Analysis at Florida State University found the total economic impact of Albany region quail hunting properties is over $145 million for a single year.