","position":2,"name":"Blend until smooth. Always looking out for new combos so I can't wait to try your watermelon smoothie bowl! This recipe is great to serve up with breakfast, as a refreshing snack or even a healthy dessert - perfect for keeping kids (and adults!) Hi! It was definitely the weather for it yesterday, today's light rain is something of a relief in comparison! Thank you for supporting my blog. Prep Time 10 minutes Total Time 10 minutes Ingredients 1 Banana (fresh or frozen) 2 cups cubed Watermelon (fresh or frozen) ½ cup Strawberries (fresh or frozen) 1 Tablespoon Lime Juice 1 cup Coconut Milk Ice if neededInstructionsPlace all of your ingredients into your blender.Blend until smooth.Add a slice of watermelon as garnish if desired. Add a slice of watermelon as garnish if desired. I bet your smoothie bowl was delicious - it's certainly very pretty. So I love that I can use this up in smoothies, or even freeze it for use in smoothies later! Celebrating simple cooking with recipes that require 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl, or 30 minute or less to prepare. This watermelon smoothie recipe combines fresh watermelon, frozen strawberries, a banana (fresh or frozen), lime juice and coconut milk. Feel free to pin on Pinterest. Thanks for including my smoothie bowl recipe, which has one me over to the concept of eating smoothies with a spoon. ","position":1,"name":"Place all of your ingredients into your blender. Add the watermelon cubes in a blender along with lime juice, ice cubes and mint leaves. After you cut watermelon up into slices, cubes or balls, it typically lasts about 3 days to a week if stored in the fridge. Mar 21, 2020 - Refreshing, delicious and sweet. Required fields are marked *. I think they work really well together! You can vary the ingredients if you prefer, but this recipe is just perfection as is, so I recommend you start here. Watermelon is so light and fresh tasting that it pairs well with almost any other fruit. I love strawberries, kiwi or banana. Thses all look GREAT!!! This Watermelon Smoothie is a fresh and delicious drink especially during the summer to help keep you cool, refreshed and hydrated. Oh I am sorry it wasn't showing up! Cut fresh watermelon in cubes or use frozen watermelon chunks (don't remove pulp or seeds). COPYRIGHT: You’re welcome to link to Simply Blended Smoothies or use a single image with a brief description to link back to any post. You should also check out my Pineapple Smoothie recipe for another delicious and refreshing summer smoothie! Watermelon smoothies are a bit different from other fruit smoothies since watermelon has an extremely high water content. Line a baking tray or large plastic tub then fill with the melon, banana and raspberries and pop in the freezer to freeze for 2 hours or overnight. Affiliate links included for your convenience. Place all of your ingredients into your blender. Once smooth and lump free, spoon into bowls to serve. Decorate the top with flaked almonds and sliced strawberries or raspberries if wanted. Today is definately the day for this Amazon looking smoothie bowl! Summer means watermelon in my house, but we never seem to eat it fast enough, so I love using it to make smoothies! That way when it’s time to make a watermelon smoothie, you just grab one bag out of the freezer and you’re good. Thaw the watermelon for 30 seconds or so in the microwave, just enough to break up the chunks and also so that it’s not SO rock hard that it’s going to … All the right elements of an ice cream but super healthified! If you try to let it unfreeze, it will be mushy. This Watermelon Acai Smoothie Recipe helps hydrate the body and boost the immune system. But any berries or other melon would work well too! Watermelon is fantastic in hot weather. This recipe makes one jug full of smoothie mixture which fills approx. Your bowl looks amazing, can you send me on to my sofa please?! hydrated in the hot weather we’re experiencing at the moment. The most accurate numbers would come off of the exact coconut milk you choose to use in your recipe! It is approximate since it is automatically calculated, but it should give you a good idea! If you enjoyed this recipe, you might also like this hidden veggie smoothie bowl that I shared recently, or these smoothie bowl recipes from some of my fellow food bloggers; Red Berry & Coconut Smoothie Bowl from Tin and Thyme, Simple Summer Smoothie Bowl from Rough Measures or this Superfoods Smoothie Bowl from The Petite Cook, yum! We love it when you use our site for inspiration, but by using it, you agree that you do so at your own risk. Just wondering where the saturated fat is coming from? Ok.  Let’s go. But please note that the nutritional information is automatically generated from Nutritionix...and it is not always 100% accurate. Thank you! Your email address will not be published. We advise you to always follow manufacturer instructions, take appropriate safety precautions and only use ingredients you know you are not allergic to. Decorate the top with flaked almonds and sliced strawberries or raspberries if wanted. , Your email address will not be published. Thanks for featuring my bowl . I'm obsessed with smoothie bowls lately! You can combine any other fruits with watermelon! Don't unfreeze the watermelon before putting it into a smoothie, just toss it in frozen. All the right elements of an ice cream but super healthified! Buy a watermelon, cut it up in cubes, and put them in quart sized bags so you have your 2-cup portions already measured out. If you're looking for another way to use up your summer watermelon crop, look no further than this simple smoothie. Once it's frozen, you can toss it in a freezer safe ziploc bag and keep it in the freezer until you need to use it. Simply Blended Smoothies with Ashley and it's owner, it's sister site, employees and affiliates are not liable in any way for injury or loss (whether physical, emotional, monetary or any other kind of loss) resulting from any recipes, inspiration, ideas, directions or information gained from this website.