First, I set up a Shure SM58 dynamic handheld mic for vocals, and a Shure SM57 (another You're not glued to the mic. NICKEL - Shine on the stage (interrupt maybe?) For a singing guitar player the KSM8 is a dream come true. Shure SM58 Quality Bundle. I've heard it once and it blows the Beta 58 and SM58 away. Any thoughts on these two mikes and is the small amount extra to get the beta worth it. I'm getting my first vocal mike and the local supplier said these were the standard which kind of agrees with what i have read here. thanks Share Quote. 118 € 139 € 1789 évaluation(s) client: 5. Latest Articles. I was reminded of the Shure SM7B [Tape Op #36], but with more top end and more rejection than an SM58! I'm very impressed by the KSM8. Propulsé au rang d'icône par d'innombrables artistes au What are the differences. 175 € 24 . Since the KSM8 is designed to be a live vocal mic, I thought the best test would be to listen to it through PA speakers. Shure sm58 v beta 58a. Shure KSM8 Dualdyne 15sec Ad Further Reading. Somehow, the KSM8 was forgiving to singer movement, without sacrificing rejection; and while an off-the-floor scratch vocal may not be the most eloquent application for a mic, the KSM8 slayed as such. On le retrouve sur toutes les scènes, dans toutes les écoles, dans tous les studios de la planète. End of review. Shure KSM8 N. 444 € 529 € 21 . Shure KSM8 B. OK, just kidding. 1530 Clients . If you're a singer used to singing through an SM58 there is a little bit of a learning curve. SHURE SM58 - L'indéniable référence.Choix n°1 des musiciens dans le monde, le SM58 est le micro chant le plus polyvalent et le plus fiable de sa catégorie. Shure KSM9 Vs Neumann KMS 105 Conclusion Between the two mics, we recommend you to choose Shure KSM9. David C. Lives for gear . 1530 clients ont évalué ce produit avec 5 étoiles. Both mics have very high maximum SPL, and they can easily handle loud voices without clipping. 444 € 529 € 2956 . Rode NT1-A Complete Vocal Recording. BLACK - I think it's prone to the scratches and fingerprints. Could you guys help me with the decision? Behringer BA 85A. Shure KSM9 tends to be a little brighter, whereas Neumann KMS 105 has better bass depth due to the wider frequency response range. So, I'm considering what colour should I choose. Shure24: Fran Lobo Finds Her Voice Engineer Spotlight: Russ Tite Why the Future of Wireless Is Digital Case Studies. The Shure KSM8. 24,90 € 13 . 24th October 2010 #2. So that's what we did. You can look over at your fingers and you're still in the microphone's huge sweet spot.