Water is an essential ingredient of animal and plant life crediting to its unique physical, chemical and biological properties. Water and Environment: Physical chemical properties of water. Chemical properties Acid-base reactions. List a county or region in which this method of conversion is currently in use. Adhesiveness is a measure of water's ability to attract other types of molecules. The pioneering paper by Bernal and Fowler dealing with the chemical physics of water appeared in 1933 (2). Summative_Evaluation_-_Properties_of_Water.doc Comprehensive check on students understand when it comes to the properties of Water… Articles include both Perspectives and original research contributions. Adhesion and cohesion lead to capillary action, which is seen when the water rises up a narrow glass tube or within the stems of plants. Water is adhesive to molecules capable of forming hydrogen bonds with it. Identify the benefits and potential hazards of converting seawater to drinkable water. One of the most important chemical properties of water is its ability to behave as both an acid (a proton donor) and a base (a proton acceptor), the characteristic property of amphoteric substances. Chemistry and Physics A Ready-Reference Book of Chemical and Physical Data Editor-in-Chief David R. Lide, Ph.D. Former Director, Standard Reference Data National Institute of Standards and Technology ^•-~"w"~*-'*»