All that is relevant is Got A Ukulele will never feature them. I love it! It isn't as rich sounding as wood, but the sparkling tone is delightful. Thank you. I can’t speak for finish chips as the black one doesn’t appear to be painted as such. Copyright © 2008 - 2020 Got A Ukulele / Barry Maz - All Rights Reserved, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. The result is a fairly loud ukulele with plenty of punch. He’d attached pictures of where a chip of white paint was off the head stock and black showed clearly. I think that would bother me, but I do like the look. The low presale price and free shipping made it a no brainer. Hi. This review convinced me to pull the trigger on buying yet another ukulele. I did add the electronics as I am interested in fooling around a bit with pedals - just to see where that may go. I view these problems as part of Enya's learning curve for this new technology, as most new products go through. November, 2016 ~ After babying my nice ukuleles for years on errands and beach days, I finally decided to look for an alternative that could permanently live in my car. Seem to be more and more of these cropping up at the moment - would be good to have your thoughts on them. I don’t agree with their marketing tactics one bit. A comparison from you would be very interesting, too! The fact is, I hate the Waterman. I look forward to taking this out on my motorcycle camping trips, as it seems very durable, and very fun to play. Put in the hole and pull taught. Barry, you like Snails - why no Amahi reviews? I just purchased their concert bundle since it was within my budget. Barry I got a solid wood spalted pecan soprano you know of any makers who are using pecan wood. It is setup differently than my other one. Thanks. I was looking for ukulele's for my kids (6 and almost 8), and was pretty set on the Flight travel. It buzzed in certain positions of the ukulele but the buzz went away when I turned the uke over and played, so I conclude that something, probably a cable, resonated with the C pitch and vibrated against the body and when I turned it the cable moved away from the body. Is it exactly the same as the KIMEZE? Say hello to the Enya Nova U Carbon Fibre Travel Ukulele. I put the Aquila REeds, Low G on it as soon as I got it. Your donations all go back into the site to allow me to keep bringing you reviews, and in the end the ukuleles acquired are given to local schools and charities. Thank you for this review. Thank you again. Thank you for all you share. has anyone trid chineese hanknn ukes they are all solid woods (exotic) and look tasty but no reviews, Hiya,Do you know where I could purchase a hard case for a matching pair of concert uke's ?ThanksMickSorry had to put ID as anonymous as I don't know how this worksmy email address is Make of that what you will! 56 Best Ukulele Reviews and the Best Ukulele Brands. The base color of Nova U is gloss black, which is actually NOT the same black as the black model. Thank you very much for sharing the feedback about painting issue, we would like to be honest and provide some information may be helpful to everyone.1. Thanks for all the time and info! I’ve asked Gretsch many times but they never reply. Can anyone tell me anything about Kasch Ukuleles please? But I wouldn’t dismiss a Kamaka for that reason. But overall, it sounds as good or better as many laminate wood ukuleles in its price range. The internal cables should be secured somehow so they don't strike anything when they resonate. Hi Barry, I read with interest your review of the Enya Nova U Carbon Ukulele. Sounds like you are beginning to come round to Enya brand :PTo be fair though this one appears to fill a niche between travel, style and quality. Worth Browns maybe? I think this is also the FIRST independent look at the Nova there is. So far in September we haven't received any claims.4. @Kit - there is a Pono baritone review above - but funny you should say that - the next review is of a Baritone! ... 2019 via mobile . Please do a review of the Cordoba UP100 Concert uke. Updated: September 14, 2020 by Brad Bordessa. We’re currently focused on custom builds direct through our site, but hope to open more dealers soon. Are there videos or websites that explain this? Maybe the finish on the black one is more stable (as in not painted).I like the look and I like the sound. I also really wanted to take it to the beach and not have to worry so much. I flipped the panel and the attached circuitry around 180 degrees. It was flawless, I still own it and adore it. I live in South Alabama along the Gulf Coast and my Uke lives in my car. Can anyone help me with re-stringing this uke? Here in the US they seem to have a pretty good price point. Before notifying Enya again, I figured I had nothing to lose by trying to diagnose and repair the free second one. I learned a lot from your site and your YouTube videos. Kilimanjaro. It’s still a little duller and less rich-sounding than solid wood ukuleles. Any chance of a guitalele/guitar-ukulele/etc. Post your reviews here! Looks interesting! So I screwed it back in place that way. the back is from a good quality wood with RKO radio shapes cut out. We analyze the customer reviews, Questions answers, official sites, high-quality blogs, and other relevant sources to gather more information for selecting these 5 … Any thoughts on the Nova U vs the Flight travel? It didn't buzz, and the effects still worked. review at some point? Patreon pledges, large or small, all help keep this site going!!