I've paired it with various preamps including a LA-610 mKII. Very accurate and transparent. With TLM … Neumann TLM 103 Neumann TLM103, great mic for classical vocal, acoustic instruments. Special acoustic guitar and sax. I've mostly … The letters TLM stand for “transformerless microphone”. The TLM 103 offers everything demanding users could wish for: nuanced vocals with precise reproduction of sibilants and excellent speech intelligibility. As it is ca-pable of handling sound pressure lev-els up to 138 dB without distortion, the TLM 103 provides a dy-namic range of 131 dB, according to DIN/IEC 651. level of the TLM 103 is so reduced that even the smallest signals are reproduced basically noise-free. Thank you Nick, thank you Sweetwater ! Primarily used w/ acoustic guitars and vocals. Hello curious wanderer, Owned and used a Neumann TLM 103 for about a year now. The sound character of the TLM 103 … Special thanks to Nick LaMendola hi made possible to be delivered next day with free charge . The Neumann TLM-103 is a large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone suitable for all kinds of work, but especially useful for vocals, acoustic guitar and wind instruments.