A business can give you profit, but morals and values attract people in your life that give you genuine love. Does it though? Morals and values are the foundation to any rewarding relationship in life. Lack of morals leads to losing money. In fact, it’s crazy just how powerful a 200 word story can be. Being from a poor family and having a good work ethic combined with dedication to get what I want im the richest in my direct family. If you believe getting high and sleeping with the guy you met last night in the bar is moral, it is. Even international schools and academies needs money. If you are a moral individual you have the ability to attract a successful hardworking wealthy genuine people in your life and learn from them. Like to eat snacks, or going to amuseument park. Foxconn, a Taiwanese company that produces components for Apple products, is notable for the harsh working conditions at its China facilities, and recently, it has been reported that Foxconn forces employees to sign a pledge promising that they won’t commit suicide. Yes, in today's society, the median of success is money, because a person who has money can buy success. Why are moral rules needed? Money is a reality. What the question asks. In general, there are four basic principles in ethical codes 1- Honesty 2- Confidentiality 3- Conflict of interest 4- Responsibilities 2. Freaking insane. My whole life I've had a wonderful family that supports me, some level of intelligence, talent, but you know what i haven't had? Because of money you enjoy your luxury life and go wherever you want. Maybe if you know your parents have a bit you would expect something. But thats not our life so money. In the Picture of Dorian Gray, Lord Henry seemed a strange character because he was so immoral in every way unlike every other rich man/woman. All of these necessities to become successful are not traits we are born with, but things we strive to attain while becoming the best that we can be. They mean the world to us and we'd do anything for them. Morality is a lesson, one concerning what is right or prudent and can be derived from a story, a piece of info, or an experience. Its gone. Our last article of short stories became so popular, that we decided to create another list, in which every story has a simple moral behind it. But I'm worried that this lie might damage our relationship so we decided against it. Morals are anything you make it. My husband says that it's grabby and in poor taste to expect inheritance money from people, which I do understand, but as we are both from poor families we have known our whole lives that we'd never inherit Jack shit from anyone so my argument is that maybe we don't understand. He views your average family who lives month to month as unsuccessful and drains on society. At least in america its near impossible to starve to death. Being rich allows you to do what you want. Morals are what someone else thinks you should think and do! Has it made you work hard to achieve things for yourself? I would say that success is whatever makes you happy. They can buy social standing. I'm not saying its everything, but for those who don't have it, and I mean poor....It could mean the world. People that have Morals and values are use logic and reasoning in order to make the best decision based on history and science. Would you rather be known for being rich or being a good person? Neither if I eat people instead of groceries. I strongly disagree with your stand. In real life, we all know there comes a lot more to being a truly successful individual. Gold closed at $1,345 per ounce. The seciety no need money but moral. I'd let my family starve to death before I cough up money without chance of rebursment. So money is the only thing that we especially need to do anything good in our life. Definitely morals. I'd let my family starve to death before I cough up money without chance of rebursment. Recently Foxconn has pledged to reduced hours and increase pay. Today's society if you do not know the correct people or have the correct morals you will not be allowed to make the money everyone is saying makes you successful. We all need money to live without money we cant because if we have money we can survive and we can help others and buy what ever we need for me i do think that the art of success is in money but not morality if you have happiness but not money tell me would you be able to live without food and water you will be able to live with your happiness but just for a few days and then you are dead with money you can survive and i am absolutely sure that who ever has money will be happy because at that moment you will be able to do everything with it. Success isn't a bar to measure people up against. Lord Henry's whole life ,however, is run by morals. And in my opinion if you are not happy, and do not enjoy life, do you really want to live?Whereas, moral values makes you enjoy life, and then you have a reason to live.This is the place where money becomes important, at first enjoy life, taste the value of true happiness, and then ,with money, try to live healthy, and help other people, which may have problems to survive because of being poor.