This move control allows the mob to swim in water and walk on land. If this value is non-negative, compare the mob's hidden allele with this value for a match. (Required) The brightness value to compare with. This is true in most cases. List of entity types this mob will drop items for. Defines sets of items that can be used to trigger events when used on this entity. Specifies the names of render controllers. Allows the mob to pick up angry state from other mobs in this area. The distance the mob will move before stopping. Players can reference animations from the vanilla Minecraft Resource Pack or create their own. The distance from its partner that this entity will mingle. Amount of time in seconds for the timer. Sets whether or not this entity is experimental. Allows the squid to stick to the ground when outside water. Allows the mob to use ranged attacks like shooting arrows. Currently, it can only be used by silverfish. This determines if the entity can equip attachables when this is set to true. The list of items that can be given to the entity to place in their inventory. When configured as a rideable entity, the entity will be controlled using WASD‌[Windows 10 only] and D-pad‌[PE only] controls. This is a list of objects, representing one value in seconds that can be picked before firing the event and an optional weight. Returns true if the subject entity has the tag provided. Bedrock News. Filters allow data objects to specify test critera which allows their use. Accuracy is determined by the formula uncertaintyBase - difficultyLevel * uncertaintyMultiplier, Determines how much difficulty affects accuracy. Returns true if the subject entity is climbing. Defines the entity's ranged attack behavior. Distance in blocks on ground that the mob will look for a new spot to move to. Sets the name for this entity's description. Name to be displayed while trading with this entity, File path relative to the resource pack root for this entity's trades, Used to determine if trading with entity opens the new trade screen, How much should Demand be modified by when the player has the Hero of the Village mob effect. Allows the villagers to create paths around the village. Chance that up to 16 babies will spawn between 0.0 and 1.0, where 1.0 is 100%, Time in seconds before the Entity can breed again, If true, the babies will be automatically tamed if its parents are, If true, entities can breed while sitting, Determines how likely the babies are to NOT inherit one of their parent's variances. This component allows players to determine at what height mobs spawn. Allows a mob to explore the outskirts of a village. Allows the entity to power jump like the horse does in vanilla. If the value is below 0, the mob will use its default attack distance, List of entity types the wither takes into account to find who dealt the most damage to it, Height in blocks to add to the selected target position, If true, the point has to be reachable to be a valid target, If true, the mob will randomly pick a new point while moving to the previously selected one, Range of time in seconds the mob will float around before landing and choosing to do something else. 1.0 means keep the regular speed, while higher numbers make the running speed faster, Determines how likely it is that this entity will stop avoiding another entity based on that entity's strength. Distance in blocks within the mob considers it should stop fleeing. Example spawn egg specifying a texture. Defines a dynamic type jump control that will change jump properties based on the speed modifier of the mob. Sets the number of blocks the entity can step without jumping. Returns true if the subject entity is moving. Players in creative mode) are considered valid targets, The range for the random amount of time during which the entity is 'cooling down' and won't get angered or look for a target, Defines the entities that can trigger this component, The event identifier to run when the entities specified in filters look at this entity, The minimum value for the entity's random starting temper, The maximum value for the entity's random starting temper, The text that shows in the feeding interact button, The text that shows in the riding interact button, The amount the entity's temper will increase when mounted, The list of items that can be used to increase the entity's temper and speed up the taming process, Name of the item this entity likes and can be used to increase this entity's temper, The amount of temper this entity gains when fed this item, The list of items that, if carried while interacting with the entity, will anger it, Name of the item this entity dislikes and will cause it to get angry if used while untamed, Event that triggers when the entity becomes tamed. Defines the maximum distance in blocks a mob can get from its target captain before giving up trying to follow it. This is a JSON Array of name/animation-controller pairs. Sets the loot table for what items this entity drops upon death. Players can set one or more materials, textures, and geometries that can be used by the mob. Allows the mob to move into a random location within a village. Returns true if the subject entity is the target of the calling entity. Under description there are a number of things that you can set about an entity. TIP: If you are not running Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE), try one of our other versions: Here is an interactive list of all entities in the latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. If the target is further away, this mob will move first before firing, The minimum amount of time in ticks the mob has to charge before firing a charged attack, The minimum amount of time in ticks for the mob to start charging a charged shot. Returns true when the subject entity is underwater. Returns true when the subject entity is in water. Sets that this entity is currently on fire. Allows the mob to look at the player when the player is nearby. Allows the mob to offer the player a flower like iron golems do. Event to fire when the correct item is given. Allows the squid to move away from ground blocks and back to water. Allowed range: 2-6. A negative value will be assumed to be 0, Height of the collision box in blocks. The valid times of day that this goal can be used. When these are present, the particle is created when the entity is spawned. Currently, it can only be used by silverfish. For example, a model that includes a filter will only be used when the filter criteria is true. More script types will be added later.-Pre-animation scripts are evaluated immediately before animations are processed.-Scale sets the scale of the mob's geometry. The entity definition of this entity's mate, The entity definition of this entity's babies. Defines if the entity ticks the world and the radius around it to tick.