It's chock full of crunchy vegetables and shrimp in a spicy, tangy tomato sauce. Nobody wants to be hunched over the toilet on Cinco de Mayo! Cóctel de camarón offers an incredible mix of flavors and textures: plump, tender poached shrimp; crisp bites of raw onion and cucumber; and cool, creamy avocado are all coated in a tangy, spicy-sweet tomato sauce. In a large saucepan, bring 2 quarts water, charred vegetable mixture, celery, and bay leaves to a boil over medium-high. Top with avocado and serve with tortillas chips or saltine crackers. A merican shrimp cocktail will always be a classic, but I’m here to tell you that the Mexican take on the dish has a whole lot more personality. Recipes for Mexican Shrimp Cocktail range greatly. This is not a Mexican Ceviche recipe. You can use regular V8 Vegetable Juice or Spicy. Bring 1 quart (1L) of salted water to a boil. Therefore, make sure you used cooked shrimp in this recipe. Mexican Shrimp Cocktail is an easy recipe made with shrimp, fresh vegetables, tomato juice and hot sauce for a spicy version of your favorite classic. Mexican Shrimp Cocktail, otherwise known as Cóctel de Camarónes, doesn't resemble an American shrimp cocktail at all. There isn’t enough lime juice to “cook” the shrimp. MEXICAN SHRIMP COCKTAIL. Add the shrimp and let the water return to a simmer and poach for an additional minute or two. This version is almost like a "salad in a glass!"