The piano has an 88-key piano sampling keyboard that works to give you the feel of an acoustic piano.. Just like most of Kawai’s pianos, the Kawai CE220 also features a rugged yet beautiful cabinet. A grand piano, and most uprights, has 88 keys. A piano is a musical instrument that is played with both hands and has a wide range of notes produced by it. This was the feature most often cited by owners of the CE200 as the reason for their purchase. The renowned wooden key-action, Kawai CE-220 digital piano ranks high among pianos that offer the finest touch available in the market. Undoubtedly, the Kawai CE220 is the best digital piano for the money. Features such as wooden keys, dual headphone jacks, and 100 separate drum patterns are relatively unique to the CE220 and, combined with its great sound and realistic key action, help boost it to the level of a very high-quality instrument. The Kawai CE220 not only has the full range of the traditional keyboard, but its sleek design dimensions place it 35 inches from the floor so that you can continue to make your first piano teacher proud with your perfect playing posture. Digital pianos are electric versions of the original mechanical pianos. Kawai Digital Pianos. Shop for the Kawai CE220 Digital Piano and receive free shipping on your order and the guaranteed lowest price. There are different options available when looking to purchase a Kawai digital piano. The CE220 boasts the AWA PROII wooden-key action, one that has been found on many award-winning Kawai instruments. There was a time when digital piano players ran out of keys during rehearsal or performance.