We are taking a look at the spells and upgrading this preconstructed deck with a budget of only $50. We have enough proliferates in the deck to make cards like [[Vivid Creek As far as upgrades go, the land base is where I’d turn first. The Partners are likely best leaving. 2020 Budget Upgrades – Timeless Wisdom By Eric Levine / May 7, 2020 May 7, 2020 I’ve had a few people message me to ask when my Budget Precon Upgrades series would be coming for the Commander 2020 decks. The commanders alone were 50% of the budget, and the mana base suffered because of it. As you have more time and budget consider upgrading some of the creatures in the deck for ones that may be a more appealing mana cost with the same keywords or strict upgrades. If im on a budget I would be happy about cards that i can use in other decks. So maybe we should stop giving the advise to build all these one trick pony commanders to new players and point them to ones that can be build for cheap but also got upgrade paths and dont crumble to pieces as soon as your commanders gets removed. Some of We've cycled through Timeless Wisdom, forked all the spells in Arcane Maelstrom, sacrificed our Humans to Ruthless Regiment, mutated all the creatures in Enhanced Evolution, and now we're covering the fifth and final precon from the set: Symbiotic Swarm, a grindy Keyword Soup Abzan deck that uses its graveyard to fuel our Keyword Soup strategy. As you’ll see in the video, fifty dollars can really This deck is full of keywords, graveyard synergies, and a giant threat in Kathril.