If You Were Raised In One You'll Love These Quotes About Italian Families. Italian families stick together through thick and thin. Sophia Loren Share These Top Italian Quotes About Life Pictures With Your Friends On Social Networking Sites. "It's in the nature of Italians to live life with a positive tone and to celebrate the invitations that come along in life. By making direct reference to the Italian sculptor — Michelangelo — and his precision and virtue, the American writer emphasizes how graceful, enchanting, and perfect Italy is. Here’s New Italian Quote About Life Sayings With Photos. Italian phrases, words, mottos, and quotes in heraldry, art, and popular use (with translations) The Italian language is derived from the language of the Ancient Romans. Explore 139 Italians Quotes by authors including Matteo Salvini, Elton John, and Johan Cruyff at BrainyQuote. With family such acting as such an integral part of every day life, no wonder there are so many Italian quotes … Big Italian families are full of vibrant, opinionated people. Get Italian Quotes About Life and Sayings With Images. Although Latin can never be surpassed as the language of wisdom, brevity and gravitas, Italian has its own charm and beauty. If you know, you know. It's not uncommon for extended families to live together even after the children are married with families of their own. Also Read Our Previous Articles 20 Instant Whole Life Insurance Quote Pictures & Images and Best Quote In Life. In 1923 she was the first woman, and the first Italian, to be featured on the cover of Time magazine. Italian beauty and perfection is enclosed in this Mark Twain’s quote. 7. italian quotes about life We all long for more of something in our lives. The Italian actress more commonly known as just "Duse" was born in Vigevano, Lombardy in 1858. In our endless pursuit to feel worth and acceptance we find ourselves sacrificing everything for the promise to be a little more beautiful, a little richer, a little more powerful and successful, a little more loved. That's why we thought it would be fun to share with you some of the best Italian family quotes.. Be it your very own special traditions or festivities, you'll find some humor in the accuracy of Italian family quotes.