", It is Chibi's soul, his gift, an heirloom for us to tend. A warrior uses her fists and magic while exploring ancient ruins. The King's Dofus is in the forest, in the hands of our ancestors. The Goddess is weak! He will be reborn in his Royal Egg, his Dofus, along with his Dragon, Adamaï. "We will announce… They quickly reach the top of the mountain and find a large flower that speaks with the voice of the Goddess (her last words are not transcribed for the player). For now, he will only tell them that Stasis is "anti-Wakfu." ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Create a new topic. I'm mostly being sold on the extensive compatibility being advertised, but had a question about digital purchases. Nothing can stop me now! Activating a Zaap, Nora and Efrim reach the heart of the Pow Wow and find Mina dying. As they reach ever higher, Orgonax catches up with them and they are forced to fight him off to buy some time. They find an underground laboratory, with a replica of Mount Zinit in the center. Islands of Wakfu - Launch Trailer Islands of Wakfu is now available for download on the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace. Efrim forces the egg open, but "as always," the Prophet is not reborn. I need you to understand how to change it. He then returns to his Frigate, letting them handle the busy work. Close your eyes, let yourself go. She begs Nora to use the Song against her (the statue), as she can take the pain no more. It takes place in the year -10,000 in Vili, the Eliatropes' colony on the future World of Twelve, and tells the story of Nora and her Dragon twin Efrim, who must save what remains of their civilization before the Mechasm leader Orgonax and his army of Lu-Fu devour all of their Wakfu. As more meteors hit the planet, Orgonax is seen walking in the distance. Through 14 levels, in single-player or co-op mode (locally), the game focuses on the cooperation of the 2 playable characters: Nora, and Efrim, her dragon brother. I wonder how the prophet REALLY died... And aren't Eliatropes supposed to be immortal? Glip teaches Nora the basics of teleportation, but as they progress through the forest, they find Prespics made aggressive by the Stasis that has fallen in the forest. He becomes Amalama: GIVE ME YOUR SONG! The Goddess speaks to Nora and Efrim: An ancient galactic threat coming back to haunt us. Grougaloragran meets them there for the Ritual of Ages, and to take the king's Dofus to another dimension where it will be safe. They quickly come out of the mines and fight their way up through more ranks of Lu-Fu, all the while feeding their new companion Beebee the bee with Wakfu to make her glow. I AM THE TRUE MAESTRO! The end of the world is nigh and we join the last Eliatrope and her dragon brother as they set off on a desperate quest. Why would they lie to us? — Nora's Eliacube. I leave this message for history. Islands of WAKFU is an adventure, action and fighting game, immersing you into a mythological world. Immediately after, more Lu-Fu arrive and destroy the gate to come after the Eliatrope and Dragon. This Iwak is a plug-in allowing me to decode Chibi's Mysteries. Eliatropes were born of the Stars, and we came here to escape our Fall. In the nearby forest, the Abraknyde Amalami's voice and song are being corrupted by "the song from space," sung by Rozens. In their last hour, they send a warning in dreams: Don't fear the loss of the material world, but embrace the pure bliss of dreams. Islands of Wakfu is an action game spin-off and prequel of the MMORPG Dofus. They drive them back and Yama thanks them for saving his sister and the village, then reveals the location of the secret Zaap on the beach. She then sends them on their way to Vili Summit for the ritual of Chibi's rebirth. To hand them a scale, he introduces them to the mighty Platypus, who will assist them later. The Lu-Fu attack the characters, hoping to use them to force their way inside the Inner Sanctum, but they are no match for Nora and Efrim. They gather the first two items without difficulty, then meet the Oracle fish at the pond: I need to show you something; in a distant place, across dimensions... On an island in time, your fate hangs in the balance. We escaped a terrible doom, and we built a new world. ", Back in the meadow, Mina shows Nora and Efrim how to interact with Wakfu creatures and flowers using Wakfu and Stasis. No forum topics for Islands of Wakfu yet. — Glip. Who amongst our people betrayed us and awakened the past? Listen! Something... draining my soul... My voice... fading out... Fighting through the Rozens, spiders and Prespics, they make their way through the forest and defeat a large, corrupted Prespic. Making their way to Mount Zinit, they find another excavation site where the Lu-Fu are forcing moles to do their labor. I will expose the parody that is our Eliatrope Goddess. The last chamber contains statues of the Eliatrope Council, and strangely, a Rozen grows in front of Qilby's. — Nora's Eliacube. After all the Conch sisters have been found, Lu-Fu arrive on a ship and storm the beach. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. — Grougaloragran. On the way, they find a new hologram from Qilby: Mount Zinit is a place of corridors, of dark corners. Nora and Efrim dispatch them, then pay a visit to Mama Conch in a nearby cave. Islands of WAKFU is an adventure, action and fighting game for the 360. Islands of Wakfu is a very good Action-Adventure game with some RPG-Elements. LET ME TAKE YOUR TONGUE! The temple is a maze designed by Chibi, and the Eliacube suspects that he may have a flower nearby, since according to Mina he performed the Pow Wow ritual. Mina warns Nora that the Stasis is disrupting the Wik-Fi and making teleportation unstable. The Shamipus teleports away, promising to have his revenge. It is likely that they were the children sent to another dimension during the first Mechasm attack on the Eliatropes' original planet, but it is curious that no one else seems to be aware of it. I will make us true warriors again. My children are doomed by mistakes of the past. Islands of Wakfu features colorful 2D visuals and is played from an isometric perspective. Coming out of the lab, they find more craters and the tracks left by Orgonax. Mount Zinit is waking up. Her Wakfu has gone into a flower that Nora must plant in the temple of Wakanu, atop Mount Zinit, in order to find Chibi's island and save the Dofus. Solving the last puzzle, they find an Eliatrope path to Mina's island. As it believes in you. HAIL, ORGONAX! They proceed higher up the mountain to find Tina, their "most precious flower. Efrim breathes on Tina to make her bloom, to no avail, and Grougaloragran calls out to Mina, saying he must speak to the initiates at once. A few elements of the game tie only loosely with the lore found in other media: Krosmoz Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. The Eliatropes are gone! I will be the redeemer. Islands of Wakfu is an action-adventure game released on March 30, 2011, exclusively for Xbox Live Arcade. Channeling the Goddess's power, Nora launches a devastating attack against Orgonax, an explosion seen from space that wipes all life from the planet for millenia. They rescue her and she asks for their help finding her sisters – Ellie, Evvy, Kelly, Marcy and Mary –, who were affected by "red fumes" that made them say bad words and terrible things. The ritual is a symbolic representation of Chibi's resurrection in his Holy Egg. Badly injured, the Dragon sends them to retrieve Yugo and Adamaï's Dofus. Pray for her to take you with her. They destroy the machine and face Odo's general in battle. In the same room, they find schematics and drawings that resemble Orgonax, and the Eliacube comments that he is big enough to walk inside, and that there seems to be a hollow spot in his right hand. I will save us all. They must pass the three Veils and are sent to the forest to learn teleportation with Glip. — Mina. The King is a liar and a coward. Islands of Wakfu, a two-player action adventure exclusive to Xbox Live Arcade, was finally finished on Friday by French developer Ankama. Sent to look for Waki Wa on the sacred Goddess island, Nora and Efrim meet Stook on the way, a "former Eliacube" who tells them that Master Qilby has disappeared and that something is going on between him and the king (Yugo).