also the holes get full with trapped dust and dirt and I often have to vacuum them out is there something I can use to full these holes so they look natural again? Its warm colours and graining patterns can add charm to your dwelling. Walnut is a hardwood that is exceptionally durable, not to mention very attractive. However, this sealant can break down leaving it open to environmental damage. However, remember that with regular care, you may never need to replace them, which is a huge bonus. The domestic version is often sought after as a less-expensive option to red oak hardwood flooring. These planks are readily available. People who reside in areas of high humidity will definitely benefit by installing walnut flooring. European Walnut is light in color. Resists damage from water and resistant to bug infestation. black walnut wood is cheaper than Brazilian Walnut. So you can find purplish-brown to dark brown tones. Could you give me an idea of how I will know that its time to have them refinished or is there a set amount of years? If you want to alter its color slightly, you will be surprised to know that walnut takes stain very well. All you have to do is fit them together to create an entire wooden floor. While the cost of flooring depends on the type of walnut a homeowner uses, using engineered walnut will bring down the cost, as this kind of wood doesn’t require staples or nails. }); The fact that walnut wood has a rich, warm chocolate brown color gives a luxurious feel to any interior. Pine resists shrinking or swelling. I’m wondering if this is common with walnut planks or is this just poor workmanship? Required fields are marked *. 3. Due to walnut wood’s versatility, it is used in all types of cabinetwork and flooring. It is easy to install a walnut floor compared to other types of wood flooring. Prized for its rich, dark tones; walnut is an excellent choice for a truly distinctive hardwood floor. Claro Walnut … You can also subscribe without commenting. I have walnut floors in my house, two of the planks have holes in them (about 1-2 inches in diameter) like where the wood grain goes into a knot. American Walnut is a great choice for hardwood flooring because it is a decay resistant species which produces strong boards that do not easily deform of bow. In your article, you mentioned that hardwood flooring needs to be refinished after some time. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); // It will look really good (presuming that you have the same taste as me hehe). Comments are usually answered within 48 hours, looking forward to hearing from you. If you are a beginner, it can be difficult to install it since the process involves several steps. Hi, my name is Bill and I would like to thank you for reading this article. Simply. Walnut flooring is a beautiful wood to choose from due to its warm, rich tones. Hi Olivia! All rights reserved. Walnut wood is dark in color, although variations do occur. Most hardwoods need to be mopped, and in the course of doing this they become damaged. Black Walnut is prone to scratches and scuffs if furniture is moved over it. Copyright © 2020 by Pro Floor Tips -- About Us -- Contact Us -- Disclaimer. In contrast, a walnut floor is a low-maintenance floor, which doesn’t require need-based mopping. Walnut floors can be easily cleaned in order to prevent any grime build up. If water seeps inside them, they are likely to become creaky and develop mould. I suggest that you give the area a bit of a sand (sounds small enough to not have to do the entire room), fill it with wood filler (correct color) and apply your finishing product over it. Because of this it has prominent grain and coarse texture. With time, the walnut wood flooring will age and with that comes a new kind of beauty. Walnut Flooring Pros and Cons You Should Know, 10 DIY Wood Stains That are Homemade Easily. While the cost of this type of flooring may be higher than other types of wood, it is also likely to last significantly longer. I am going to help you consider all the pros and cons, which is always beneficial, especially considering that floor replacements or installations are considered a major renovation. Asian Walnut Acacia wood has quite a large variation of characteristics between every board. How the flooring is laid is also crucial to its durability and resilience. The high price is due to the cost of sourcing and shipping it to the manufacturers. DIY Project Idea: Crafting Your First Fireplace.