1 year ago. He told smoker "sometimes you have to change your point of view to get a better look at different things" ...something along those lines. Theory spoiler. I was rewatching Enies Lobby and I thought the chat they had at the Galley La pool at the end of the Arc had some father-daughter undertones from how he talked about watching over her as she grew up. Theory spoiler. Aokiji the Revolutionary - One Piece Theory. This is probably wrong. Aokiji is now a revolutionary Thread starter Kid; Start date Feb 18, 2013; Kid Active Member. He is the user of the Logia type Hie Hie no Mi that has made him an ice human. The only thing i can think of is that aokiji mightve been a revolutionary and he was going to become fleet admiral to work in revolutionary interests and when that failed they had him join the blackbeard pirates and then had fujitora go up in the ranks. He is probably spying for...someone. Aokiji's powers are implied to have been awakened, as seen during a glimpse of his fight against Akainu. 4- The Revolutionary Army has had members in the Marines before, Kuma was an Officer of the Revolutionary Army and later a Warlord for the World Goverment. Aokiji is a member of the Blackbeard Pirates and prior to that, he served as an Admiral in the Navy. Discussion in 'General One Piece Discussion' started by Vish D. Rai, May 21, 2015. This probably won’t amount to anything. We know Vegapunk used Kizaru to give the Pacifistas a laser, and maybe Lindbergh is also a scientist with acces to this technology. Share This Page. The manga clearly hints at Aokiji being a member of the Blackbeard Pirates. Since both straw hats and revolutionary army are the enemies of celestial dragons, they will never collide and Luffy will never beat Monkey D.Dragon. The current fleet admiral Akainu, also known as Sakazuki, is the follower of the strict code of Absolute Justice. I am sure that this has already been discussed after his post-timeskip appearences, but i think in Chapter 904 Oda gave us another hint, Lindbergh's Freeze-Gun. The Revolutionary Army. Vish D. Rai. 8 Not Yet: Akainu. Click to see spoiler. Speculation Aokiji to join the Revolutionary Army !!!!! Messages: 37 Likes Received: 79 Trophy Points: 2,620 Bounty Points: 0 . Bold Theory: Aokiji is Robin’s father. Or just keeping his enemy close. 6 Aokiji. Archived. I have no evidence. Theory. For what reason he joined, is yet to be seen. Why Aokiji/Kuzan is a Revolutionary Officer.