1 Mixing Synths. When we apply a limiter in an audio track and set the level to a certain point, whenever the audio signal goes beyond that level, it immediately compresses down the level to the level we set up. Super Sidechain Compression. You don’t always have to use compression - don’t just do it for the sake of it For most hand drums, start with the following settings: Threshold: –6dB. Applying sidechain compression to guitars, pianos or other midrange instruments is a quick and easy way to create space for the vocals. DELIVERY for Fall 2010 Recording session! Ratio: 3:1–6:1. Compression Settings. Compression is usually a good idea with hand drums because the drum can produce unpredictable transients. In vocals, the intensity is more unbalanced then other instruments. It has a very high compression ratio (20:1 to infinity:1). Compression Cheat Sheet. Attack: 10–25 ms. Release: 100–300 ms. Gain: Adjust so that the output level matches the input level. Assignments - 1st years. So, that’s all for today, hope you enjoyed watching. Start with an attack time of roughly 40ms and a release time of 60ms for instruments (but this is a HUGE generalization) 2. If you’re looking for quick fixes for your instruments and synths, consider grabbing my free cheat sheet. First Years. How to make your GFT musician mixes. EQ Hints. Microphones. EQ, Compression, Reverb and Delay Cheat Sheets. You don’t need much added gain. So, make sure you download the free cheat sheet I put together just for this video and that’s going to help you to go through this step-by-step and actually practice doing this in your mixes, so that you can then start to get this right every single time and make your mixes sound more professional. The main goal of using a limiter is to avoid clippings. You can even sidechain everything to the vocals for a quick and easy fix. View Larger Image; Download our Controls and Features Cheat Sheet PDF! 10 Top Compression Tips 1. In this cheat sheet I outline easy step-by-step solutions to the 19 most common problems for mixing instruments and mixing synths: Cheatsheet: Quickly improve the mix of your Instruments & Synths . Contents. How to have Finale MIDI sent to Logic. (Right Click Here to Download) These are excellent references made for beginner and intermediate levels to explain how different types of Reverbs, Compressors, EQs and Delays work and what the various controls and features do. for Hummie's class. Don't start as you mean to go on. for Hummie - - - For Hummie - Scoring I - KERNALS! If there are instruments battling the vocal for space in the mix, you can use sidechain compression to get them out the way. GFT - Musician Mixes. First Day/First Years - Logic Assignment. Bake a half a dozen of them into a single plugin, and it’s no wonder so many mixers have no clue how to use multiband compression properly! Mastering the art of using a classic, single-band compressor is hard enough. Percussion. Finale. Try not to start off creating your track with the mixer channels panned by default. Multiband Compression Cheatsheet If multiband compression makes your head spin, you’re not alone. For a Panning Instruments Chart, check out the graphics at Audio Recording's website – Orchestral Panning Chart. Start with a medium-fast attack time (around 10ms) for vocals 3.