Job creation: Tourism can help create several jobs for the locals; most of the tourist companies require specialized services for their clients and this can help kick start a new industry that helps to cater to the same. These two have an important impact on infrastructure development in the tourism business. The 14th-century Parisian sewers have become tourist destinations. For this reason the expansion and maintenance of critical tourism infrastructure in South Africa is of high importance. Governments around the world have realized that investing in and maintaining a healthy infrastructure is an important government function. The intervention of the war however put a stop to the tourist promotion activities of the government. By inclusive growth we mean that benefits of growth are shared by the majority of the people of a country. Importance of Infrastructure: It needs to be emphasized that good quality infrastructure is important not only for faster economic growth but also to ensure inclusive growth. Tourism Infrastructure demands for goods and services, and the establishments which provide such services are considered as part of the tourism industry. Importance Of Tourism Traffic In India 1304 Words | 6 Pages. Tourists use a tiny fraction of their overall visitor spending at the actual heritage site in most destinations; main tourism spending goes towards transport and travel , accommodation, food and drink, and retail and leisure. According to the World Tourism Council, infrastructure is the single most important key to tourism growth and performance. The Positive Impact of Tourism on the Economy. However, if tourism is developed and planned by taking into consideration these vital factors, tourism infrastructure and services will not produce results which hamper the residents from meeting tourist’s basic needs and yet achieve the objectives of income, job opportunities and development of the areas. The on going water crisis in South Africa’s Western Province attests to the delicate relationship between tourism and crisis. Road infrastructure is vitally important for the dispersal of tourists beyond major gateways. The Tourism & Transport Forum’s (TTF) earlier Tourism Infrastructure Policy and Priorities document was released in 2008 to inform the Infrastructure Priority List developed by newly-formed Infrastructure Australia. Australia's Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development claims that "It is an investment that has a multiplier effect throughout the economy, generating lasting economic, … PERCEPTIONS OF CRISIS DETER TOURISM . Further, the Tourism Infrastructure also includes establishments whose products are mainly sold to visitors, though they do not form a major share of tourist consumption. SARGENT COMMITTEE In India, the importance of tourism had been recognized even before Second World War.