Hi, I am confused between 3 printers for sublimation… Epson L805 vs Ricoh 3110 DN vs Sawgrass SG 400. 1.- Do the printing in mirror mode. • SERVICE OF MAPPING motives in digital print technique from paper rolls onto textile materials. Sunny . Lay clean blow out paper (LINK TO GLOSSARY) on your bottom platen and put the ready to sublimate key tag blank on top of the blow out paper with the design facing down. March 9, 2016 at 1:54 am Reply. Your ready to press (key tag blank + design) should now be sandwiched between 2 pieces of blow out paper. Inside the Quick Connect Kit are bulk bags which contain 110 ml of sublimation ink in each bag that feeds into the printer on demand. Just as with most product purchased in bulk, the cost per milliliter of ink is significantly less when compared to per milliliter cost in cartridge form. Sublimation canvas bags with sublimation transfer paper and dye sublimation ink. The sublimation process can vary depending on the oven used. Thanks in advance. The paper bags are as washable as non-printed or silk-screened products. 3.- Preheat the press to 200º. Can you please help me in choosing one? Cover with clean blow out paper. 1, realize a picture for your canvas baggage. Printing office Pro-Bag is offering you services of high quality printing on textile materials in full colour: • PRODUCTION OF SUBLIMATE TRANSFER PAPER – digital printing of any motives on paper rolls maximum width of 160 cm, and with unlimited length. How to Print Pictures on Canvas Bags with Sublimation Paper - GetWin Industrial Co.,LTD. You can print 6 transfers per page with a bit of extra room between each so you’ll need 14 pages which is $3.08 in paper. The bags are mesh with pretty wide holes, so be sure to put your parchment paper to good use! Your final result will look a little faded due to the holes. The one in the picture is sitting on my black chair, so it looks better than when holding it up for viewing. We have tested our inkjet heat transfer paper with canvas bags and have had good results. 2.- It is advisable to let dry the paper for 5 minutes. 4.- Place the cover in the press and put the paper above. Still, it would make a cute bridal shower gift. March 4, 2016 at 8:52 am Reply. Sublimation Paper Materials Our sublimation papers work with light-colored substrates, for polyester fabrics and polyester coated items, like T-shirts, canvas bags, ceramic mugs, tiles, phone cases, pillow cases, metal plates, key chains, mouse pads. Let’s total your cost of materials for each bag tag. D Siu. I’ve only had experience with the Ricoh 3110 and the … $1.43 (tag) + $0.22 (ink) + $0.08 (paper) = $1.73 per blank Example to sublimate cushion covers: Instructions. The cost of paper is $22.18 for a 110 sheet pack of 8.5x14 paper or $0.22/page.