The Forbes website lists several first rate programs, such as Columbia Law School, whose graduates can expect an average starting salary of $165,000. What Education is Needed to Become an Immigration Lawyer? Black Friday Sale! Lawyers who find their niche in corporate law and remain with the same company can expect to see their paychecks to increase every year. Lawyers who take on civil rights cases typically earn less than lawyers who choose careers in business fields, such as corporate law. Family Lawyer Earnings An average salary figure for family lawyers isn't readily available. Highly skilled contract negotiators tend to be the highest earners in real estate law, however, experience and location also influence the earning potential of these attorneys. Others specialize in representing clients who wish to sue health care facilities or individual health care professionals. All rights reserved. For attorneys who have a passion for law and an interest in healthcare, this specialty can be a great match. In a nutshell, patent attorneys are tasked with assessing and analyzing whether an invention is eligible for a patent or not. Additionally, lawyers tend to earn more as partners in law firms than in their own practices. To help clients receive compensation for any financial losses, pain and suffering they’ve experienced due to negligence, personal injury lawyers interview clients, evaluate their case, identify and research specific issues in the plaintiff’s case. Black Friday Sale! Technically, “medical law” is not a separate category of the law, but rather a combination of personal injury, medical malpractice, and health care law. On a day-to-day basis, most tax lawyers give advice to businesses and individuals with regard to all aspects of tax legislation. Car accidents, work injuries, and “slip and falls” constitute some of the most common cases in this field. Protecting new developments in technology, science, and the arts is therefore a top priority for many companies, creating a considerable need for IP lawyers with specializations in those fields. Southern New Hampshire University responds quickly to information requests through this website. Practicing tax law requires excellent math and accounting skills, an analytical mind, and the ability to think critically. As a family lawyer, you may also handle arrangements for pre- and postnuptial agreements, child support and custody disputes. Some of your duties as a family lawyer will include drawing up legal documents and handling the paperwork related to these issues. As in most cases, lawyers working for non-profit organizations or the government tend to earn the least, while their colleagues in big law firms are the top earners. 4. You will also represent your clients during negotiations or legal proceedings, which often requires interacting with other attorneys. Family law is a broad field. How Much Do Lawyers Make? This amount will vary significantly, although a family law attorney generally charges $250 per hour. The vast majority of these cases fall under the area of tort law. Your work may include some crossover with other areas of law, such as criminal and civil law. Penn Foster High School responds quickly to information requests through this website. You may find that you have a particular interest in tax law, which involves working with individuals and companies to help them remain in compliance with tax codes and laws. All rights reserved. Columbia Southern University responds quickly to information requests through this website. Real estate lawyers file court documents, collect evidence to support the claim, and interview witnesses to ensure that their client has a strong case. This works out to be around $11,656 per month on average. Posted on February 27, 2020 On average, lawyers do very well financially, making an average $10,075 a month while the average full time worker only makes $3,744 a month! Some schools award a certificate upon completion of the concentration, in addition to the J.D. Real estate lawyers assist their clients in a variety of ways regarding commercial and residential real estate. They guide and advise individual private inventors as well as corporations that are in the process of securing a patent. Learn Everything You Need To Know About Each Section Of The LSAT! What Does a Substance Abuse Counselor Do? What Can I Do with a Master's Degree in Law? In this case, the average salary will range from $44,534 to $68,289. Which Schools Offer Teaching Certificates in California? For example, divorce lawyers work with clients to dissolve a marriage and help them to determine how best to divide common property. Many cases are concerned with questions of human rights, social freedom and equality. Post University responds quickly to information requests through this website. Patent Lawyers are also highly trained in different aspects of intellectual property rights and advise clients and employers with respect to related issues, such as designs and trademarks. They keep an eye on any changes in legislation and advise their clients on potential effects such changes could have on their finances. As shown in the graphic below, the median salary of $51,810 for public defenders is well below the average earnings in this field. Some medical lawyers work for hospitals and health care clinics, providing advice and guidance with regard to their rights and obligations, and defend them in medical malpractice cases. The median annual salary of a family lawyer, according to, is $70,828. Some of the main responsibilities of a criminal lawyer are to investigate the case at hand, interview witnesses, study case law and procedural law, construct a defense, and plan a strategy for the case. Intellectual property lawyers, or copyright lawyers, make sure that new intellectual inventions and innovations created by individuals gain the protection of the law, and are not infringed upon by competitors. The Princeton Review vs. Kaplan: LSAT Course Comparison. You are capable of practicing many areas of law with a law degree, though it is helpful to have completed specific coursework and work experience in whatever area you are interested in before finding a job. Equine Veterinary Technician: Career and Salary Facts, PhD in Special Education: Online and Campus-Based Programs. In family law, an attorney’s degree of specialization and experience strongly correlates with compensation. According to, attorneys who specialize in intellectual property law typically earn a median salary of $131,728. According to’s data for 2014, the median annual salary of lawyers in the United States is $75,803. The median annual salary of real estate attorneys in 2014 was approximately $90,125,  according to The best graduates of top law schools can expect much higher salaries and lucrative careers right after they graduate if they have the right skill set and have performed well during their internships. New York average lawyer salary: $167,110; Massachusetts average lawyer salary: $165,610; Connecticut average lawyer salary: $153,640; Illinois average lawyer salary: $152,980 Copyright © 2020 Personal injury attorneys work with clients who allege physical or psychological harm as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another party. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the average annual salary for a lawyer in 2016 to be $139,880.