If the dispenser actuator is broken, it may not activate the switches properly or at all. The thermostat can be checked for continuity. Try changing the water filter. View all Questions. What is wrong and how do I fix it? If a dispenser switch does not have continuity, replace it. Frigidaire Refrigerator ice and water dispenser not working. June 28 If only one dispenser part is not working, test each of the dispenser components before testing the control board. September 4 Mine has an ice build up from the back control panel inside the refrigerator ice maker. Also, ice makers have a relatively short lifespan, and may not always be worth fixing. When removing or replacing the ice bin, avoid rotating the auger in the ice bin. A fresh filter and adequate pressure should do the trick if your Frigidaire refrigerator won’t dispense water or ice. Micro Switch. Is there an easy fix or not? As ice is used up and the level of ice drops below the beam, the ice maker starts up again. View All Refrigerator Switches. Reply, There is ice in the bin. As the water filter becomes older (6 months or more) it can become clogged with particles and less water is delivered to the ice maker. To determine if the motor is defective, first determine if the motor is getting power. Without a good seal, temperatures become unstable with warm air seeping into the fresh food door. Accessibility, Cause 2: Freezer Temperature is Above 10 Degrees F (-12 C), Questions other people have asked about this, ice maker stopped making ice and water is slow, Kenmore side by side ice maker not working. The dispenser solenoid opens a door flap to release the ice and then closes the door flap once the dispenser finishes dispensing ice. If the ice maker is not working the ice level control board might be defective. We've got millions of parts, hundreds of brands, and thousands of step-by-step videos— everything you need to find it, fix it and finish the job right. We have had problems ever since buying it. Shipping all 7 days! When I try to dispense cubes or crushed ice, the screen goes black and shuts down for a few seconds then comes back on. If the water inlet valve is defective, or if it has insufficient pressure, it won’t allow water to flow through. To determine if a dispenser switch is defective, use a multimeter to test each switch for continuity. The refrigerator is equipped with an infrared light beam to detect the level of ice in the ice bucket. If the control board is faulty, it may stop supplying power to the entire dispenser system. When the paddle is pressed, the flapper door between the outside of the refrigerator and inside of the ice maker … Reply. This is a french door, top refrigerator, bottom freezer model. Reply, I changed the ice maker’s water filter and now it won’t produce ice, It worked fine before I removed the old water filter I have re-inserted the new filter multiple times and it still will not fill or make ice any help is appreciated, Jeff Rosenberger - Answer . If the freezer temp is too high, make sure the condenser coil is clean and the condenser fan is working to cool the condenser and compressor. If the water pressure is sufficient, use a multimeter to check for power (continuity) to the water inlet valve. Joined Jan 25, 2016 Messages 3 Location Cordova. If your Frigidaire refrigerator won’t dispense water or ice and you have not changed the water filter in over 6 months, it is past due for a change. Any thoughts? October 20th, 2011. I made sure the plug was securely connected at the hinge, but it was still not working. If the ice in your ice maker keeps getting stuck and not dispensing, here is how you can fix it and prevent it from happening again. Advertisement. To determine if the auger motor is defective, pull out the ice bucket and turn the bucket auger by hand. Click below to answer. It is more likely that a single part has failed. The dispenser control board governs most of the functions of the dispenser system. Replace it as needed. The leveling rollers or legs need to be adjusted to tilt the fridge back slightly. I have a Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator, model number LGUB2642LF3 that's 14 months old. June 30 To determine if the motor is … ThriftyFun is powered by your wisdom! Frigidaire Ice Dispenser: Dispensing intermittently. Check the evaporator coil for frost—if too much frost builds up, the air can't circulate through the coil and you will need to check the defrost components for a failure. What to do when your Frigidaire's ice maker is not working, but the water does? The dispenser control board governs most of the functions of the dispenser system. Remember, smaller ice cubes or ice chips jamming in the ice maker may be a sign that your water filter needs changing. June 13 Already ordered? 01 - Dispenser Control Board. … The freezer temp should be between 0-5 degrees for optimum performance. The instructions below from DIYers like you make the repair simple and easy. It only stops whin I shut off the water supply. If the mold thermostat is defective, the ice maker doesn't advance. If the auger is accidentally rotated, you must realign the auger by turning it in 45 degree turns until the ice bin fits into place. In addition, check the dispenser actuator pin to ensure that it moves freely. I have searched on how to fix this but have not found our model. If the auger motor does not have continuity, or if the motor is getting power but won’t run, replace the auger motor. If you’ve already changed the filter and know the pressure is fine, then the next likely culprit would be a defective door switch. If the freezer temperature is above 10 degrees F (-12 C) the ice maker will not work properly. Help. As a result, the dispenser will not dispense ice. I see this is a common problem. The ice maker in my Frigidaire side by side refridgerator has stopped dispensing cubed ice - it now only dispenses crushed ice even if the "cubed" button is pushed.