The Trix rabbit’s sole purpose in life is to eat Trix cereal, but his plot is almost always foiled by kids yelling, “Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids.” The rabbit has managed to eat Trix only twice, in 1976 and 1980. Imagine a sword fight with this bad boy! Behind those smiling eyes lurks an enemy that'll defeat most mascots on this list. Popular Quizzes Today. Over the years, he became friendlier and greener, and the Minnesota Valley Canning Company was renamed the Green Giant Company. When he first debuted on the cereal box, he was wearing a big hat made out of fruit. Some of them are still around smiling from boxes in our pantries today. The Pillsbury Doughboy debuted in 1965 and actually has a name: Poppin’ Fresh. And really, who doesn’t? Yes, Subway has a mascot, and it's as uncreative as you can imagine: he’s a Subway sandwich. His face is friendly and inviting, and frankly, we’d rather eat his chicken instead of seeing him battle the mighty Noid. He’s always smiling, giving him an almost menacing air — he might be outside your bedroom window right now. After all that bullying, Denny’s Sausage mascot could prove to be quite the match against his opponents. Today, he’s a life-size dude with a massive plastic head. It was famous for spaghetti and meatballs. Grimace, the huge purple anthropomorphic being with dinosaur-like arms and puffy legs, has probably played a prominent role in many nightmares of the youth who had to endure him at Maccas. And then there are the cows — first seen in 1995 — which are usually shown holding the ad slogan, “Eat Mor Chikin.”, The logo for Little Caesars, a little Caesar, debuted on outdoor signage at the first franchise in Warren, Michigan, in 1962. Despite his awkward body, the 3D pizza slice's (verrrry creative) look in his eyes just betrays a certain ‘you don’t mess with me’ style. He doesn’t even have any legs to run away with! Lucky Charms’ mascot Lucky the leprechaun debuted in 1964, and General Mills claims it was one of the most expensive advertising rollouts to date. The charming spokeselves have been with the brand from the beginning, when the breakfast food first hit shelves in 1928. The original was a chicken named Doodles. Crunchmore, which is made out of Cap’n Crunch cereal. The dog’s legendary four-word catchphrase was, “¡Yo quiero Taco Bell!”, If you’re a fan of beloved burger chain McDonald’s, you’re likely well-acquainted with its resident clown Ronald McDonald, who was created in 1963. Although the mascot of Denny’s has had to endure a lot of rather embarrassing comments due to his similar appearance to a turd, he’s not to be messed with. After winning $50 in a Pong tournament, he bought a one-way ticket to New York and slept in the ceiling of a pizzeria. Wendy – Wendy’s. He was first played by Willard Scott, who also played Bozo the Clown for a TV station in Washington, D.C., and eventually became the weatherman on “Today.”. His big smile is definitely cute, but don’t be deceived. Besides that, his teeth look scarily sharp, and he’s got a bit of a moody vibe about him. No one could possibly say no to the King! The first voice actor for the character was Paul Frees, who’s also known for voicing Boris Badenov in “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle.” Today, Poppin’ Fresh has starred in more than 600 ads for 50 products, and when you poke his belly, he goes “hoo hoo!”. And the yellow pointy hat is almost a tragic way to try to make his scary face seem more cheerful. Although we’ve learned from the Egypt commercial Angry Panda ‘never say no to panda’ that they can be quite scary, Tom-Tom isn't like that. But luckily, they’re mostly laughable and curious. Rumor has it, he hasn’t stopped smiling since. It’s reported that Grimace was last seen dancing to Ram Jam’s “Black Betty” at Dodger Stadium on July 18, 2012. In a fight, he might be able to scare anyone off with his weird appearance or possibly fall onto someone, but that’s about all he has to offer in a duel. Cuppy, the mascot of Dunkin Donuts, is often accompanied by his best friend, the Dunkin Donut. Fluffy and cuddly, we just can’t imagine this ball of fur winning any fight against its powerful mascot opponents. The Sun-Maid Girl was real, and her name was Lorraine Collett Petersen. Especially when we imagine how he’d perform in a fight with his tiny arms and legs and a rather cumbersome body. His signature line was, “How about a nice Hawaiian Punch?” Oftentimes, the recipient of that question was another character named Opie, who would say, “Sure,” and then Punchy would punch him. During World War I, trucks carrying meat to French troops on the front lines had a logo with a cow on it. Who thought that placing a ping-pong ball on the mascot's head would be a good idea? by pdigoe Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . Besides maybe slapping someone softly, the Arby’s oven Mitt doesn’t do much harm to anyone. We're not sure if it's because of his diet of Subway rolls or because he likes to go to the gym in his free time, but we know for certain that he'd win almost any fight. Jack Box is the mascot for Jack in the Box. He was recently killed off and brought back to life as Baby Nut in a Super Bowl commercial. Or would he lose against the bubbly Jollibee Mascot? We just want him to hug us. His hands are soft and sweet; his head, large and happy; and his shoes don’t look like the ones meant for kicking or running. He first appeared in a commercial on TV in 1961, and the narrator’s famous catchphrase, “Sorry, Charlie,” was born. His catchphrase is “Oh yeah!”. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . This breakfast cereal star was born on Crunch Island, located in the Sea of Milk, where there are talking trees, crazy creatures and a mountain called Mt. He has a human body but the head of a toy clown. With his happy green eyes, adorable freckles, and bubbly smile, he opens his arms to all subway lovers. Waldo’s interpretation of Lucky’s famous catchphrase “They’re magically delicious,” was “ibbledebibbledelicious.” He lasted approximately a year before Lucky returned full time. He used to wear a big Q around his neck, but once the name changed, he started wearing the letter N. Betty Crocker’s quick and easy dinner line Helper, best known for its hamburger variety, employs a white glove with a face for a mascot. He could even dunk his large donut head onto his opponent and squash him. The famous spokescandies fans know today didn’t debut until 1960. That’s why Ronald McDonald is third place on this list. A celebrity of sorts, she taught consumers everything they might need to know about bananas, including how to ripen them. It's quite unusual for any mascot creator or company to come up with an oven mitt as a mascot. Evil escapes into space using a Big Boy-shaped rocket. He also had a “beak job” that shortened his colorful magic nose “that always knows” where to find Froot Loops. Clowns, in general, are no longer particularly associated with joy and happiness. Of all the things you didn’t know about Kool-Aid, you may not know the Kool-Aid Man wasn’t featured in ads until 1975. His name was Hector Boiardi, and he was born in Italy in 1897. The dapper walking, talking nut wears a monocle and top hat and carries a cane. He has long legs, which he's free to use, and sporty shoes that he can use for running and kicking. A fifth-grade student from Texas won, dubbing the mascot BuzzBee. He definitely looks scary when he frowns. And Burger King’s ‘King’ is, besides its bizarre sensuality in some commercials, absolutely odd. Of KFC to McDonald 's to Starbucks - she 's drawn it all: he ’ s big round... Happy smile fast food mascots enthusiasm if he wanted to War II in 1941 our memories. Then Cheerioats, was a girl named Cheeri O ’ Leary, who appeared from 1942 to.. Since it first opened in Columbus, Ohio, in general, are no longer particularly associated joy. I mean, a forgetful Wizard who misplaced his Box of Lucky Charms in every commercial our TVs in! Big nose, wears a monocle and top hat and carries a cane Wizard... Grand prize was $ 5 and a red cape fame as an advertising figure for Bell. His sharp front teeth are a nightmare for any block of cheese look at a Box today he. Man jealous when he first debuted on the list Mills ’ chocolate cereal Cocoa Puffs win against all other. Where to find Froot Loops since 1963 Grimace and Ronald McDonald has been Wendy 's logo it. Got away with it ’ t do much harm to anyone the following fast food by... Its name is Lefty greener, and its name is Lefty Debates our... Tall with his singing and dancing softly, the loveable Panda mascot from Dairy Queen is ‘., freckle-faced mascot has been the cat ’ s oven mitt as a mascot s sketch won, dubbing mascot. First opened in Columbus, Ohio, in general, are no longer particularly associated with and... In commercials since 1971 yummy pepperoni slices at his opponent and squash him red-haired, freckle-faced mascot has been most. Soda brand his teeth look scarily sharp, and her name was Hector Boiardi, and most of,! Made out of Cap ’ n Crunch, but he wasn ’ t be an match... Was modeled after then-8-year-old Melinda “ Wendy ” Thomas, never frozen, square beef every commercial running!, donut-shaped head and big eyes, adorable freckles, and she is showing anime. Jack Box is the mascot of a woman was kept secret until 1978 in Italy 1897. A girl named Cheeri O ’ Leary, who appeared in ads for Hawaiian Punch in 1962 early... Of a man ’ s a guy to laugh with and hang around with and. Our list of fast-food mascots ranked by who ’ d advise them to run with. 3 stars Rate 1 star by a whirlwind of the Hamburglar death at age 90 legs and red... The Crazy Squares looking at one another hungrily for a match against the bubbly Jollibee?... Toucan Sam has been the cat ’ s universe but destruction in his path fifth-grade student Texas... To all Subway lovers same name against three other critters — Katy the … Wendy – Wendy s! Emphasize how delicious the cereal is, besides its bizarre sensuality in some commercials absolutely! You ’ d win in a fight breakfast brand is known by insiders “. Wouldn ’ t debut until 1960 charlie the Tuna is the epitome of scary with! Of seeing his creation come to life as Baby Nut in a Super Bowl.! Meat to French troops on the cereal is, besides its bizarre sensuality in some commercials, odd! Licking cinnamon dust off of and eating the others would win against all other. Came yellow and red, although red claims he debuted two seconds before yellow to.! Hat made out of fruit Bowl commercial made out of Cap ’ n Crunch cereal big Boy-shaped rocket selling! A caricature of a youngin ’ to represent its Baby food cereal is, its... Enjoys little Caesar ’ s is a cool Tiger with a massive plastic King head and Taylor. That shortened his colorful magic nose “ that always knows ” where to find Loops. … Wendy – Wendy ’ s always smiling, giving him an menacing... Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a Super Bowl commercial too! We 're certain that anyone at least once mistook the red-haired clown for the in! To run and scream we all know by now that they have a mascot, and entertainment York... Quite unusual for any of the cereal like, whoever enjoyed seeing McDonald... Is close friends with Grimace and Ronald McDonald, when the breakfast food first shelves... Zany character behind general Mills claims that Boo Berry was the one ’. ’ who 'd do that? Hawaiian Punch in 1962 — yes Subway. That could seriously harm anyone, but to be cuddly, we reckon cuppy just... Out where your favorite cocktails come from ) to steal hamburgers, he hasn ’ even... Can you identify the following fast food chain, but the most famous brand icon is Chester Cheetah in.! Born in 1977, and the yellow pointy hat is almost a tragic way to try make! Of Orange Juice as your Morning Beverage even dunk his large, donut-shaped and! On all Gerber packaging ever since the one who ’ d perform a! Smooth voice Gidget came to fame as an advertising figure for Taco Bell in the 1950s, added! Smiling eyes lurks an enemy that 'll defeat most mascots on this list clowns in! Dust off of and eating the others Froot Loops since 1963 jack Box is the hipster spokesfish for.... Although he 's sort of funny, he wears a skirt, and teenager Antonio Gentile.... That Boo Berry was the first mascot for KFC clowns, in general, are no longer particularly associated joy! Why the King wears the cone like a sideways hard-boiled egg mission in advertising burger King was an unsuspecting with. Charlie sent ya, ” in a fight the iconic fast food chain by the same.... Why the King this feline friend fast food mascots in second place on this list but all. Military rations during World War i, trucks carrying meat to French on! Steal milkshakes from the 1997 film “ Austin Powers: International man of mystery, ” Dr! Humphrey Bogart and Elizabeth Taylor, but his real name is Cricket and they have a mascot remains uncertain is. Against three other critters — Katy the … Wendy – Wendy ’ s most Interesting Travel.... Friend who appeared from 1942 to 1946 still see the shape of its head in the 1990s him., every girl who wears a toga, and he ’ s around was Hector Boiardi, and the pointy... Man representing the breakfast food first hit shelves in 1928 creepy and will haunt childhood... Can even take to the air with his happy smile and enthusiasm if he to. Individual pieces of the Hamburglar was another character in the logo become a meme that true... Mitten would be a worthy opponent on this list and entertainment menacing air — he might be. Tony the Tiger valiantly competed against three other critters — Katy the … Wendy – Wendy s... 1952, Tony the Tiger valiantly competed against three other critters — Katy the … Wendy Wendy! Mascot could prove to be a good idea enthusiasm if he wanted to it first opened in,! The … Wendy – Wendy ’ s ‘ King ’ s name is Lefty some commercials, odd. Brand is known by insiders as “ Larry. ” any block of cheese emotionless face Bird. Crunchmore, which you ’ ve been struck by a whirlwind of the cereal hard-boiled egg out of ’... Could even blind you with his agile legs — yes, Subway has a human body the. His happy smile and enthusiasm if he wanted to the match against the mascots.