I've been intrigued by English Shepherds for a long time, as on paper, they sound pretty much perfect as far as what I like in a dog. "Find similarities and differences between Border Collie vs English Shepherd" Compare Border Collie and English Shepherd. English Shepherds and Border Collies are hugely different, more different than Aussies and Border Collies, I think. A farm collie can refer to any of a number of different dog breeds including; Australian Shepherds, Border Collies, English Shepherds, Scotch Collies or some combination thereof. Lv 5. The ES is much more laid back character, much less hyper and with an upright stance when herding. The primary difference between the Border Collie and the English Shepherd is personality and temperament. They have tails, never come in merle coloring and their head is not as rounded as the Australian Shepherd. The American bred English Shepherd is a medium sized dog that looks somewhat like an Australian Shepherd or Border Collie. Best suited to homes where they can be kept busy, this active breed likes to be worked or involved in canine sports. English Shepherds ARE a real breed. Border Collies will herd in a crouched position, whereas an English Shepherd will herd in an upright and relaxed position. This thread definitely caught my interest -- I've often wondered what the main differences were between English Shepherds and Border Collies in particular. Geof. 0 0. Border Collie vs English Shepherd – Which one is a better dog breed for you? An ES has GOT to know "what's the point" whereas a Border Collie will do it for you, and an Aussie will do it for you, or maybe for fun. A really well bred ES has more in common with my livestock guardian dogs than my Border Collies. English Shepherds are a medium breed of working dog. 1 decade ago.