Try this spritz for a party. Other than gin or vodka, the only other alcohol in a classic martini is a hint of dry vermouth, which is a fortified wine. A "dry martini" is made with less vermouth, and "bone dry" means only a small splash is added. Manhattan: Sweet vermouth gives this whiskey cocktail its signature blend of flavors. A dry martini is made with dry, white vermouth. For a ghoulish twist on a classic martini, combine gin, dry vermouth and red food colouring to impress your guests with this showstopper Halloween cocktail 5 mins . By the Roaring Twenties, it became a common drink order. Samantha Rea can be found tweeting here Like regular wine, vermouth is available in both red and white—pick white vermouth (or blanco, bianco or blanc, depending on what country it comes from) for a martini. Martini: Dry vermouth and gin or vodka are all that are required to make this iconic cocktail. The original Gin Martini called for a good slug of dry vermouth. During the 1930s the ratio was 3:1 (gin to vermouth), and during the 1940s the ratio was 4:1. The answer was the dry martini, said Caporale, which confusingly has less dry vermouth than a classic (or wet) martini, while vodka soon completely replaced the … What about dry vermouth? Over the course of the 20th century, the amount of vermouth steadily dropped. Easy . Perfect spritz. 0 ratings 0.0 out of 5 star rating. You can't, and shouldn't, make a proper martini without dry vermouth (or a Manhattan without sweet vermouth); back when cocktails were little more than hard liquor gussied up with a dash of bitters, the comparably mild vermouth—a wine steeped with botanicals and fortified with neutral spirit—made it possible to enjoy one before dinner without landing on the floor. It was the crisp yin to gin’s herbaceous yang. You can’t beat French vermouth Noilly Prat as a dry white in a gin martini (you’ll find it in every decent bar), but if you have some going spare, use it as an alternative to white wine for cooking mussels!” A Spirited Guide to Vermouth by Jack Adair Bevan (Headline Home, £16.99) is out now. The proportions can be adjusted based on the drinker's taste.