It's the Angel Beats argument. Plus, there's the chance that the second season will not do so well and make the first look bad by association. Madhouse Studio, just like the other answer said, don’t like having a sequel. Subsequently, in 2016, it was reported that Madhouse, the studio behind the show, had decided to make a second season, to … Yes, there's enough good for a second season, but I believe the ending we got was sufficient. Watch Death Parade Anime Movie, TV-MA, English Dubbed & Japanese, Seasons:2, Episodes:, Genre:Drama,Psychological In my opinion, Death Parade won't return for Season 2, yet I don't rule out the possibility of renewal, completely. When addressing anime titles, it is important to avoid using the phrase “just another anime.” (See Psycho-Pass) I'd rather have a 12 episode anime that is great than a 2 season anime that is meh. March 2, 2013 Somewhere is a mysterious bar known as Quindecim, where a mysterious white haired bartender works. Whenever two people emerge from the bar's elevators, those two must participate in a Death Game with their lives on the line, the results of which will reveal what secrets led them there and what their fate will be afterwards. Death Parade Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere? Death March Season 2 has the potential to up the ante in comparison to the anime’s slow-paced first season. Rick Wallace 2 years ago. They end the story very well. The fans of the series have been asking for a renewal to the show ever since it ended, back in 2015. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Death Parade. Death Parade season 1 premiered in Japan on January 10, 2015 and it ran till March 28, 2015. Besides, Death Parade Season 2 is quite a doubtful matter since the anime series has no source material as we used to treat it such as a light novel or manga. They make Death Parade as an “experimental” anime that goes booming unplanned. Death Parade Season 2 Release Date Although Death Parade was a massive hit, we have not received any updates or announcements about Death Parade getting a second season.