or will I need to upgrade things? And, if they aren’t right, send them back, and he’ll rewind them, or give you a full refund! I was thinking of adding the Callaham Prewired pickguard assembly with Fralin H/SRV Specials. I love all of his Pompeii-Wall tones, and that smooth screaming loud late 80’s modern Delicate Sound of Thunder tone. Bawed on the specs, pretty similar to the Custom SHop 69s. The king of the Fender Vintage sound! Hi Bjorn, I am trying to find out what pickups he uses, and not the Fender Custom Shop "Signature Gilmour Pickups" or whatever they are calling it, but the actual pickup combination that he uses. Lots of great brands out there. As always, thanks in advance and congrats for maintaining this great site. I’d like to hear your opinion about this set, because I wanna change the entire electronic to my Squier Bullet Strat, and I’m deciding between EMG DG20 and this Seymour Duncan 920D, which includes a Seymour Duncan SSL-5 bridge pickup, a Fender Custom Shop 69′ middle pickup and a Fender Custom Shop Fat 50′ neck pickup, what do you think? Any thoughts? Peace, Love, and Gilmourish! I would like to change the neck pickup to get closer to the fender fat 50, advise you seymour duncan ssl 1 ???? Depends on what guitar and amp you have but in general I would say a full set of Fender CS69s or something similar like the D Allen Voodoo 69s. I just bought myself a Made In Mexico Fender Standard Stratocaster. Like you always say it all depends on what tones you want. I’m concerned about it sounding too ‘metal’-ish with the Muff. I have them in my black strat and they are amazing. [Thanks! making buckers sound like single coils takes some doing. I don’t know what pickups came with it, they’re originals, but do you think it will sound better with a TEX-MEX trio on it? Mayer then went to silicon, and combined everything in the famous”cheese wedge”. So I then decided to follow your recommendation and order them but I had to wait for over half a year for them to arrive because after a long back-and-forth email session with Jose from Planet tone, I found out USPS had lost my package and then found it again after a couple of months and so I had to contact a friend from the States to bring them here personally because I couldn’t trust USPS anymore. I thought they’d be too “country” but they really shine. Which one would you go for: a fat 50’s or a Texas Special? – Bjorn]. Last but not least… Available pedals…. I simply feel that if guitar players are looking to mod their Strats to emulate the Gilmour tone, there is no better place to start than the SSL-1C DG and it seems this guy is the only source of that pickup. This for it to be able to interact with the tone and dynamics of the pickups. All pickups look extremely good but I’m mostly intrigued by 1970 Strat pickups since those should be the most transparent ones and best for Hendrix and Gilmour’s pre-Animals tones. Ampwise, I think you’re better off with a processor like the POD or similar. Thank you so much for another great article as always and congrats to the awesome new website. Then I went to the D Allen site to grab a set of the 69 Voodoo Blues only to find that they aren’t offered anymore. In that case what pedals shall I leave out? The output rating (Bass/Mid/Treble) from the custom 69 is 5/4/5 and from the custom fat 50 middle pickup is very close 5/3/5. Tonewise, they’re quite similar with a transparent clean tone and a fairly low output, as vintage single coils did have. Gilmour Sound! I’d like also to start to improve my Stratocaster made in Mexico, I must say I am quite happy about the tone I am getting now but anyway I am sure there are some room to improve. I just put a set in my Tele, and have never heard a better sounding Tele Pickup. Also, what sort of amp do you have? Bluesy solo stuff. Good point. do you have an idea about how would sound? I’ll check it out :) – Bjorn]. You will feel and hear a great improvement from the standard mexican PUs. The guitar has been featured on some of the world’s biggest selling albums of all time and classic Pink Floyd songs like Money, Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Comfortably Numb. Brand New. It says above that the higher the strings, the less the magnetic pull on the strings. Plug it in and things get even better. A bit thin in the lower frequencies but this can be compensated by installing an even hotter bridge pickup. So did Dave use all sorts of different settings on the EXG and SPC control or did he settle mostly for a specific setting? Would you recommend to change the pickups for David’s tone? Also, adding an EQ can simulate the DG20s to some extent, at least give you a bit more presence or scoop, but it won’t be just like having the EMGs obviously. It also depends on the amp you intend to use with it. Thanks, Keith, I’d interested to know whether you’ve tried Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups, and if so what you thought of them. Would the sound be close to any pickups here? I have 2 types questions: 1- What do you think of installing all SSL-5 for bridge , mid (RWRP) and neck? Sorry for so many questions. Simply love your style and sound!! [There will be a significant difference anyway. [A pickup booster should be placed right after the guitar, i.e. ), but I would imagine you’d need to be pretty hands on the guitar volume to find the right balance. Thanks a lot. I was wondering regardless of if the sound is like Gilmour or not, what are the sweetest sounding and most expressive and complex sounding pickups you found without being harsh (both for single coil and humbucker)? The neck and bridge pickups on the black Strat are the pickups that came with the guitar, but the bridge pickup is a custom pickup that Seymour wound especially for David… [Those mid 90s CIJs were equipped with none-specific 50s style pickups, I think. [Thanks for your kind words, Chad! – Bjorn], Hey Bjorn, i sent you a message in july asking what was the closest tele bridge pickup to the S.Duncan SSL-5, you told me there was one in their range and i should ask them. Thank you Peter! Thanks a lot. I welcome the peanut gallery thoughts too. Perhaps a bit more open sounding with a slightly rounded top. Do you have any experience with these pickups? Yes thats the Idea to get close possible to the sound of David……i realy dont have any expérience un this but you think the ssl-5 Seymour Duncan could do??? I like to upgrade this one to simular to the Gilmour signature one. Hello Bjorn! I really wanted to get one from Stratcat.biz, but I was looking to save some cash. I went with the SSL 5. You can place it later in the chain as well but you will notice a less dynamic effect. Do you have the SSL-5 in your Strat wired to the tone control? I use a Vox AC-15 (handwired) with Celestion greenback speakers in it. I have a with Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster with Fender N3 Noiseless pickups. I would assume that the fuzz issue lies more with the amp than the pickups. As does using shielded cables and proper powering. This combination, together with the factory wired switch that activates the bridge and neck pickups in position four (instead of the neck-middle), is unbeatable, in my experience. the ssl-1s totally have a vintage vibe while the ssl-5 has an overwound sound it still sounds like a strat.