The army section which includes four armies: The Kabal of the Flayed Skull, the Cult of Strife, Prophets of Flesh and Lords of the Iron Thorn. Location. Dark Eldar steal suns from the Materium, bring them into their Webway realm, and use their energies to supply the Dark City. Commorragh was built in the Webway for a number of reasons. In the aftermath of the Great Crusade the Dark Eldar were involved in one incident; it is believed that the Primarch of the White Scars went missing pursuing Dark Eldar into the Webway. Raiders of Commorragh Review - The Dark Eldar Painting Guide. The skin of the Dark Eldar is almost translucent, an effect of the lack of sunlight within the pocket dimension Commorragh exists within. Commorragh may be reached by warp-gates scattered across the galaxy. Since Commorragh is a cluster extradimensional realms linked together, it could be as big as Ultima Segmentum. 4/10/2014 2 Comments Raiders of Commorragh is broken up into sections.