Sometimes, we find ourselves off track and lost with the multiple tasks we have. In addition, you can also define the budget for your tasks, as well as the estimated time you think you'll spend on tasks and the actual hours you tracked on the said tasks in reality. The Excel and Google Sheets templates allow you to track how many daily chores you've completed that day. The Excel and Google Sheets templates allow you to track how many decluttering tasks you've completed per area, and in total. Personal To‑Do List Templates. Are you going to write an employee checklist? The Excel and Google Sheets templates allow you to track how many steps you've completed for each task - you can also track whether you've fully completed a task or not. The Excel and Google Sheets templates allow you to track how many tasks you've check-marked thus far. Then try Clockify, free time tracking software that lets you track time on all the types of tasks you need, down to a second. And, no matter how many devices you use, all the time you track on tasks automatically syncs in your Clockify Web Account. This article will be showing you a step-by-step process to making the perfect checklist for you. In addition, you can also track how many tasks you managed to finish before the deadline. We have a variety of checklists like wedding checklist, testing checklist, student checklist, inspection checklist, simple checklist, and many more. Periodical To‑Do List Templates What are you waiting for? Great for people who want to declutter their homes from time to time. 08 • Free Advanced To-Do List Templates. You can also track how many of your tasks are "Low", "Medium", or "High" in priority level. Great for people who often travel for business, but have a tendency to forget their passport at home. And, if you are going to produce a vehicle maintenance checklist, you need to write down all the parts in a vehicle that keeps it in good shape. 2. Great for working people who have a lot of tasks to tackle - and who have a strict deadline for each task. Great for people who want to focus on their priority tasks, without losing sight of their less important, but likely still vital secondary tasks. Great to help students organize and track their homework assignments. Great for people who like to keep all of their to-do tasks in one giant list. You can easily make your checklist through this application from scratch. Great for people who want to keep track of their priority and secondary tasks and then schedule other related tasks for tomorrow. If you want a physical copy of your checklist, print it in a high-quality paper or cardstock so that it will be durable. Great for teams who have multiple projects and tasks of various priority levels they have to work on - and who wish to track their start dates, deadlines, progress status, task budget, as well as the estimated and the actual hours spent on tasks. ), Pick areas you want to declutter (your Bedroom, Living Room, Bathroom, etc. Great for people who have trouble building up the patience to perform the same set of daily chores, day, after day, after day. A hotel checklist? If you're working together with a partner or a team at work, make a copy of the Google Docs files - they're perfect for real-time collaboration and automatic syncing. Family members can also indicate whether they have finished all of their tasks, in one click. Whether you're doing a task you need to finish or purchase items needed for some assignments, you'll need a list for you to remain on track. Also, great when you have several priority tasks at work you really want to focus on. Your Clockify Web Account even offers a visual breakdown of the time you spend on tasks - in the form of several types of visual Reports you can export and then use to analyze how and where you can improve your task time. Instantly Download List Templates, Samples & Examples in Google Docs. 14 • Free Project and Team To-Do List Templates. Do you think you spend too much time on your daily house chores? 07 • Free Advanced To-Do List Templates. ), Checkmark a pre-made list of items representing daily house chores, Checkmark a pre-made list of items representing your weekly cleaning chores, grouped by house room. Easily Editable & Printable. Write down all your hourly, daily, and monthly tasks and activities. Once you're done, start checking out items in your checklist now. Great for people who want to keep track of how many tasks they've managed to finish thus far - and how many they have yet to tackle. Produce a checklist with various +More uses, including managing a group project at work, planning an event, organizing a daily routine, or just a general reminder of the things you need to get. Available in A4 and US letter sizes. To-Do List Templates are designed to help you keep track of all your tasks: work projects, school assignments, but also grocery lists and daily chores around the house. Therefore, you need to know how to create a proper checklist. Mark the progress status of the task you're currently working on ("In Progress", "Done", or "Discarded"), Indicate whether the task was finished before the deadline (YES/NO), Add projects you need to finish and emails or documents you need to send, Add other specific tasks you need to do (such as proofread various documents), Checkmark each task when you're done with it, Add your priority tasks for each day of the week, Mark each task and its steps (sub-tasks) as complete when done, Write and organize your daily schedule in 1-hour, Add and keep track of your top 5 priority tasks, Add and keep track of your daily exercise routine, Plan your daily menu (breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner), Go through a pre-made list of business trip essentials to help you better plan your business travels, Add your school assignments (grouped by subject), Mark the status of your assignments ("Incomplete", "In Progress", "Complete"), Mark the level of priority of your assignments ("Low", "Medium", "High"), Define projects and tasks you're working on, Keep track of the progress status of your tasks, Add and focus only on 5 top priority tasks per day, Define your top 3 priority tasks you want to focus on, Add up to 10 secondary tasks you wish to work on when you're done deadline with priority tasks, Order tasks based on their goal dates - closest goal dates goes on top, Define tasks each family member has to complete, Define tasks anyone or everyone from the family can complete, Go through a pre-made list of house tasks meant to help you declutter your home (throw away old magazines and newspapers, put dirty laundry in the hamper, etc. To‑Do List Templates for Students If you want to avoid making a mistake or forgetting anything significant, then you must have your checklist. Or that you tend to spend too much time tweaking work tasks to perfection - an action that results in many missed project deadlines? After downloading our printable checklist, open it in Google Docs, and type your items and details in the template. Each time you start working on a task from any of your To-Do List Templates, simply start the timer in the app. Billing Template Perfect for businesses or individuals in the service industry, this billing template3. 06 • Free Periodical To-Do List Templates. Try to proofread your draft afterward to locate vague ideas. You can track the time you spend on tasks wherever you go - Clockify is available for all popular devices. Do not want to wait?Subscribe now to Get Unlimited Downloads & many more. This application is not only a word-processing application but can be used as a design application substitute. An inventory checklist? 18 • Free Prioritized To-Do List Printable Templates. This is a To-Do List template where you can: The Excel and Google Sheets templates allow you to track how many weekly cleaning chores you've completed that week. 22 free to-do list templates for all types of tasks. 15 • Free Prioritized To-Do List Templates. Download: Word • Excel • PDF • Google Docs • Google Sheets. And all that in one sheet. Great for planning a whole week's worth of homework assignments and study time. You can use this template as your sole To-Do List, or use it to simply brainstorm your tasks before you schedule them in more specific To-Do List Templates. © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Clockify. Download one now!-Less, Unlimited Downloads of 100,000+ Templates, Your template download has started automatically. Now that you have a clear purpose in mind, it will be easier for you to identify the tasks you need to do. Simple To‑Do List Templates You can also use this technique to indicate the progress status and priority level of each task.