Say goodbye the disappointment of clematis wilt in your garden. It is characterized by a complete collapse of either the entire plant, just one of the shoots, or just part of a shoot. Clematis is an attractive deciduous vine that can be grown in small gardens and homes. Wayne County Michigan. I’ve tried growing a large white clematis in several locations with failure for several years. I don't care if it is the large flower kind or not, just something that won't look dead next to my door! Resistant to wilt are C. Montana, Alpina, Orientalis, Macropetala, and Tangutica (see Types of Clematis for illustrations of these types of Clematis.) Healthy Clematis should not suffer from the wilt, however if you have a clematis that is of the large flowered kind ( eg Group 2 varieties ) that has all of a sudden drooped overnight ( or … Wilt will also occur with very small infants soon after they are placed in their permanent spot in the garden. Suggestions for wilt proof clematis, facing south. Discover different Types of Clematis varieties and bring colors to your garden with the elegant flowers of this stunning looking plant!. It blooms on current year’s growth. The susceptibility to stem rot and wilt caused by Phoma clematidina was tested for a range of clematis varieties and species widely grown in Europe, and compared with their susceptibility to wilt in practice as judged by amateur and commercial growers in two postal surveys. Clematis Wilt is a systemic condition that only really affects plants that are under sufferance. It's right by my front door. The fungus does infect resistant leaves but these leaves prevent proper growth of the hyphae and/or are less sensitive to the toxins produced by the fungus. Is there a list somewhere of varieties that are less prone to wilt? Secondly, how and where you plant a Clematis may also help to prevent Clematis wilt. I have a large flowering clematis that looks entirely dead most of the year and blooms nice each spring. To rejuvenate, cut it back to a leaf bud about 8 to 12” from the ground in late winter. The plant also includes evergreen and herbaceous varieties, with multiple colors, forms, and flowering seasons, though most of the plant flowers between early spring and fall. Thank you . This wilt-resistant cultivar is great for growing on trellises, over stumps, or as a ground cover. So tired of messing with it. Can you suggest clematis that is not prone to wilting? Clematis wilt is a condition that seems to affect the large flowered, spring blooming clematis more than other varieties. The vine comes up nicely than before it flowers get wilt and dies back. Some clematis seem to be resistant to the disease and initially it was thought that the fungus could not penetrate resistant varieties, but does not seem to be the case. 1 Response. I cannot imagine it will ever be troubled by clematis wilt. It is important to plant Clematis deeply.