I use pectin because it cuts down the cooking time and sugar significantly and makes the jam nice and thick. This recipe makes nine 8oz. Um hello, my son LOVES homemade apple pie so I figured he would LOVE his own batch of apple pie jam. You can cut this recipe in half for a smaller batch. Enjoy! This jam recipe is very easy to make and delicious! Last week when I made carrot cake jam, a few of you suggested I try making apple pie jam. This Apple Jelly Recipe gets its great flavor from fresh apples, CERTO Fruit Pectin plus sugar for extra sweetness. Since Monkey Boy has been a little boy, I’ve always made him his own stash of strawberry jam for his PB & J sandwiches every summer. I like using apple with raspberries. A friend gave me this wonderful recipe, and oh my, it is so good. Find a way to use up the apples in the fridge with this delicious Apple Jelly Recipe. Just like a extra good jars.