But other local varieties such as Tsounati, Throumbalia, and Hondrolia are found as well, which account for the discrete flavor of each individual region. Terra Creta S.A. — Terra Creta Grand Cru — Koroneiki — 9 It’s our smallest olive crop. blended olive oil, old or poor-quality olives, additives like canola oil, pesticides, etc.). Maurino is one of the best Italian olive oil plants for super high density olive growing. Laconiko Koroneiki EVOO is among the Top 100 EVOOs and top four Koroneikis worldwide, and the top six EVOOs in Greece, while Laconiko Olio Nuovo is another EVOO of the Year. It is considerably greater rainfall compared to the rest of Greece. We occasionally add Amazon affiliate links to help the reader find relevant products. As its title suggests, it is a Protected Destination of Origin olive oil, and this origin contributes to its popularity amongst local Greeks, and now the rest of the world. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'oliviadaolive_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_1',139,'0','0']));It’s distinctive taste allows the oil to be used in countless meals to complement its flavor. The ancient land of Crete island is home to 30 million olive trees. Sakellaropoulos Organic Farming — Agourelaio Organic EVOO — Koroneiki — 6 We absolutely love what we do!”. Italy dominates in terms of olive oil exports from Greece, which receives about 75% of total exports. It should be noted, the Greek Koroneiki olive variety, the most commonly used for olive oil, is robust and full of flavor. Eugenia Andriopoulou — Makaria Terra — Koroneiki — 5 Also, Greeks take the 3rd place among olive oil producers worldwide. Olive Oil Company – Olive Oil – Olive Variety – Number of Awards Counted by EVOOWR in 2019, Kyklopas Elaiotriveio Argyri Kelidi S.A. — Kyklopas Early Harvest – Makri — 15 Oliviada blog is reader-supported. Latzimas Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO North Mylopotamos. Required fields are marked *. Even the Minoan palace of Knossos has a historic olive press room. This way, we are able to guarantee the consistent quality of our oil.”. Thus provides the ideal micro-climate for the demanding Lianolia Olive brought in by the Venetians. 15 Greek Olive Varieties For Oil – Greek Olive Types For Olive Oil, 5 Tips On Water Requirements For Olive Trees in Pots, Bonsai Olive Tree Care Guide – Indoor & Outdoor Care, How To Make Olive Tree Into Bonsai? Peloponnese – Messinia (KALAMATA) & Ilia. Papadopoulos – Mediterre & Co — Mythocia Omphacium Early Harvest PGI Olympia BIO — Koroneiki — 5 Or at least Greek regions producing olive oil are considered harvesting one of the best olives worldwide. Olympian Green is also listed among the Top 100 olive oil societies in the world, and ranked 4th in Greece, with 19 awards from eight competitions. And, in return, to receive Oliviada Kalamata Premium quality olive oil: Due to the growing popularity of Protected Designation of Origin oils (short name P.D.O. Kalamata olive oil. Choose a local small olive oil producer (family business), 2. Some of which are 500 years old. ... competition. Sommelier Courses. Greek Olive Tree Adoption as a Gift - Kalamata Premium Olive Oil, 6 Months Olive Tree Adoption - Special Gift from Kalamata, Kalamata Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Set, Organic Greek Olive Oil Soaps (2 units) - 100% Natural & Handmade. Oliviada Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the best P.D.O. Because of Venetian rule to enforce paid planting olive trees, Corfu olive oil production prospered and became famous all over Greece. Oliviada Olive Tree Adoption is one of the most amazing ways in which you can help in nurturing the olive tree. Alsea – Sigounas Nikolaos — Alsea Selection — Agriniou — 6 It is a variety of olive that lasts over time and it’s resistant to drought. Sakellaropoulos also enabled Greece to dominate the top ten in the list of Best Flavored Olive Oils worldwide, with four of their unique oils listed there, including Gemstone Flavored Aromatic Olive Oil at the very top of the list. Along with it, Kalamata is classified P.D.O. Peloponnese – Messinia (KALAMATA) & Ilia. £6.50 View product on Tesco. Every region’s fruit is affected by the geomorphology of its location and produces olive oil with distinct characteristics. Oliviada is a Greek family-owned business initiated by the 3rd generation family member Vangelis Kleftogiannis in 2017. Liokareas Olive Oil – Oilio LLC — Liokareas Wild — Blend — 4 Collaborating closely with farmers and implementing new techniques from the tree to the bottle, we managed to produce a Koroneiki monovarietal EVOO beyond expectation.”, Eftychios Androulakis’s small company Pamako has also exceeded expectations as another Top 100 society worldwide, and among the top ten in Greece. The Koroneiki trees, only found in the Greek Region of Messinia, bask in the long, sunny summer days where the ageless olive trees store the sun’s energy in their olives as oil. Terra Creta S.A. — Terra Creta Estate PDO Kolymvari — Koroneiki — 4 Today, Greece is the second-largest olive oil producing country in the world, behind Spain. As Dino Pierrakos explained to Greek Liquid Gold, “we are grateful for the recognition, but we owe everything to our customers, who have given us their trust and loyalty!” In return, “we invest the time to produce what we promise,” working with Koroneiki olives grown “on the sandy beaches of the southern Peloponnese. Androulakis Eftychios Olive Oil Bottling — Pamako Premium Mountain Bio Blend — Blend — 7 The majority of olive oil production Greece exports mainly to the European Union (EU) countries. The Greek family business production is considered one of the best olive oil worldwide in 2020 and always keeps the highest quality. EVOOWR’s list of the Top 100 EVOOs of the World for 2019 includes their Mythocia Early Harvest Olympia PGI Organic, Mythocia Omphacium Organic, and Mediterre Alea Organic, with the latter also ranked the Best Koroneiki Worldwide for 2019. Always look for their product certification, if olive oils with the Non-GMO Project and/or Certified Organic label.