Get the best deals on Complete Engines for Corvette when you shop the largest online selection at For instance, if you decide to install an LS while retaining your original Muncie 4-speed or Turbo 400, the PCM programming is modified for the early transmission. This included developing and adding multiple carburetors, fuel injection, and high-performance camshafts to improve Corvette performance. Then thread in the AN aluminum NPT male pipe adapter with swivel fitting setup. One 9/16-inch hex-head nut holds the pump against the adjuster at the backside; this also requires removal. This GM LS6 crate engine is a perfect fit in this 1981 Shark. This later ZZ4 small-block engine uses an external balance flexplate. Lingenfelter Performance, for example, has a module that allows the use of the 24- or 58-tooth crankshaft reluctor with any GM operating system. Factory accessory drive systems vary among the different LS-powered production vehicles. When you take on a Corvette restoration project, one of the major projects (but not always the biggest project) is the restoration of the engine. 4. When custom components are added, production slows, adding cost to the unit. Buy Corvette Engine Compartment parts in our huge selection of Chevy Corvette restoration parts. Both the LSX376-B8 and -B15 engines use multilayer steel cylinder head gaskets that offer exceptional cylinder sealing for supercharged and turbocharged engine combinations—and they’re plenty good at sealing naturally aspirated engines. 05. Any electrical wiring project usually has most of us ready to say “uncle” no matter how simple it is. Chevrolet Performance and American Speed cover complete engines for two years or 24,000 miles. As with the ZZ4 small-block, the oil pan should be changed and the long-style water pump not used. I replace the supplied oil pan with a later 1987–1991 Corvette oil pan to gain ground clearance. They have rectangular ports similar in design to the LS7, with large 2.160-inch hollow-stem intake and 1.590-inch solid-stem exhaust valves. Alternatively, a 3/8-inch bolt can be inserted into the hose and clamped. When pursuing a used take-out engine, purchase the complete engine package, sensors, harness, and Powertrain Control Module (PCM) to avoid incompatibility issues. And for you C4 builders, there’s even an adapter out there to let you use the factory ZF manual transmission with the LS engine. 12. Depending on what year Shark you are working with, the alternator supply wire may go to a connector near the bulkhead connector and then connect to the starter as in the early cars, or go directly to the starter, which is preferred. The 10 available bigblocks are 555-ci Dart iron blocks, with a healthy Scat forged-steel crankshaft as a base with Edelbrock cylinder heads. Even the lowly 1997 LS1 has plenty of power, making it an excellent transplant in a Shark. The black wire is a ground wire and must be connected directly to the alternator for the best possible charging-system performance. Then, the damper bolt is tightened with a 6:1 gear-reduction tool, because of the high-torque rating: 37 ft-lb plus 140 degrees. The alternator has most likely been rebuilt numerous times and, if the owner requested, upgraded to a higher amp output. It is always important to check and adjust ignition timing carefully to prevent extreme cylinder heat during engine break-in. During engine installation be sure check this area carefully; most aftermarket fuel pumps are larger in diameter and come very close to the frame rail. However, these headers are positioned so closely together that they encroach on the center transmission tunnel. Depending on the application, I prefer to use the factory plug wire shielding if possible. If you decide to go fly-by-wire you need this accelerator pedal assembly with built-in accelerator position sensors. Parts such as these can be found for sale at some very good cost savings because the owner did not install them, or installed them incorrectly. Edelbrock also offers multiple configurations of 383-ci crate engines, so be very careful of intake manifold dimensions or a raised hood may be required. Chevrolet Corvette C3 history 1968 C3 arrives: T-top removable panels; 327cu in (5.4) V8 in two states of tune; 427 (7.0) in three 1969 350cu in (5.7) small-block replaces 327, Stingray name added, 8in wide wheels 1970 LT-1 small-block (370bhp) and 454cu in (7.4) big-block (to ’74), 4-speed manual replaces 3-speed, egg-crate grilles, custom interior option The 1997–1999 LS engines required fuel system return lines; 2000 and later LS engines used a modified fuel filter, housing the fuel return system internally. The integral power steering reservoir makes the job a little easier. And the fuel economy is astounding. It takes a lot of pressure to drive the damper onto the crank snout, so a hydraulic cylinder is used for the task. Out-of-round and taper is measured, as well. Make sure you position the hose clamp on the smooth section of the bolt. The 11/16-inch nuts are supposed to be locking nuts. Stainless Headers ( makes them for C3 swaps—including side-exhaust versions! Accessory Drive System. I have fixed many engines by simply draining the additional oil and installing the correct-length dipstick. Look over the engine carefully; many used parts suppliers do not work with you concerning engines with broken cases after you have had the engine for a few weeks or longer. In addition, you can buy “dressed” long-blocks that have an oil pan, timing cover, intake manifold, water pump, and sometimes an ignition distributor. Stress was also minimized by not trying to procure the myriad of small pieces required to make all the systems come together and work in harmony. Click the button below and we will send you an exclusive deal on this book. Used LS1, LS2, and LS3 engines from C5 and C6 Corvettes, as well LS1 donors from Camaros, are out there, but not exactly cheap these days. Chevrolet Performance (formerly GMPP, General Motors Performance Parts) has a limited number of crate engines that simply and easily install into a Shark. Charlie purchased the complete assembly engine, transmission, wire harness, and PCM destined for his 1973 convertible Shark. Ls Engine Engine Swap Engine Types Truck Engine Chevy Ss Chevrolet Camaro Ss Corvette Blueprint Engines Chevrolet LS3 376/480 480hp V8 Crate Engine LS376/480 V8 Crate Engine475 lb.-ft. @ 4,500 rpm 480 hp @ 5,750 rpm Chevrolet Performances ‘Hot Cam’ adds 50 hp to the already-potent LS3!