We've eased up a little on the abvs of our beers, but definitely not eased up on the flavours! A high-grade craft IPA that's also light on carbs, Lagunitas' DayTime IPA boasts full flavor with a very modest 3g of carbs and 98 calories. ABV: 6.8% The brewery has become synonymous with great American craft beer and continues to dominate the conversation on the East Coast. Its finest modern-day descendent is a 7 percent, hop-heavy American-style IPA filled with pure pine, soft floral, and juicy grapefruit flavors, a striking nose (owed to Bell’s house yeast), and a superbly dry, yet lingering finish. Best Buys. Shop all our picks right here and get them delivered straight to your home or look for them at your local shop. Golden, effervescent, and refreshing, pilsners are the default go-to beer for most beer drinkers. ABV: 7.2% Dark chocolate, rich caramel, and red fruits dance together on the nose. “There are so many impressive beers out there, and it’s fun to navigate the different styles and regional strengths; why limit yourself to one genre?” says Jeff Moses, a career brewer and craft bottle house pioneer, who has also taken part in assembling beers for his award-winning Monterey Bay Beer Festival and San Francisco Holiday Beer Festival. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Be sure to read up on our updates for what we are planning for our beers this year in our latest blog. Firestone Walker has become one of California’s most celebrated tastemakers, thanks to its supreme versatility and immaculate facilities. And, we drink a lot of beer. The low ABV makes this beer a great day-drinking candidate with low calories to boot. ABV: 7.4% The original recipe remains in use (and closely guarded), with all of its tedious triple decoction and parallel brewing. Innovative, daring, and dark-brewed, the Aventinus, a type of ale beer, comes from the oldest wheat beer brewery in Bavaria, Germany. From light beers to stout beers, there are also a wide variety of suds to choose from. Style: Lager By Shay Waterworth. But the brewery doesn’t end there. Moses calls it “the devil’s juice” for its seductive flavor profile, as well as “an amazing accomplishment.”. Danielle Amato . Style: Pale Ale Finding the best beer in the world or even the best brewery in the world is a bit of a fool’s errand. See you this weekend! Style: IPA The family-run brewery is the hallmark of great craft brewing and creates some of the most sought after bottles in the game. You can find our IPA at its new 6% abv alongside our Light Lager at 3.5% abv at shop.cloudwaterbrew.co, A post shared by Cloudwater Brew Co (@cloudwaterbrew) on Jan 29, 2020 at 4:30am PST. The Brewery: The Brewery: The Beer To Try: Saison du Fermier Just outside of Prague lies the city of Pilzen, where Josef Groll crafted the first lager of its kind in 1842. The Beer To Try: West Ashley It’s summer in a can. Still, we travel for beer. The Brewery: St. Bernardus’ signature Quadrupel-style beer, a traditional abbey ale brewed in Trappist monk style, is strong (with a 10.5 percent ABV), yet smooth. April 13, 2020; Pilsner beer is one of the world’s most popular drinks. If you can track down a bottle of this, buy a case. Their tropical ale, pale, and brown ale are also worth tracking down and drinking down. Life imitates art. That means you can likely find a lot of these beers at your local high-end beer shop and give them a try. The Brewery: San Diego’s AleSmith has become a powerhouse brew in the craft world. Finding the best beer in the world or even the best brewery in the world is a bit of a fool’s errand. This version of the Aventinus Eisbock evokes sweet banana and plum flavors flanked by clove, toffee, and raisin notes, carried along by a luxurious, almost-sticky mouth feel. This dark beer is considered one of the best of the style. That being said, the top ten that shook out were very U.S. centric unlike the ten best new breweries in the world which was almost exclusively international. ABV: 7% Ten years basically makes a beer a wise and revered elder in the craft brewing world. Back in Michigan, Founders has continually delivered great American craft beer since 1997. Style: Saison Juicy hops lean into citrus, mango, passion fruit, and peach. The soft nature of the brew has notes of orange next to pine resin which lurks in the background. Style: Saison Sante Adairius Rustic Ales are renowned for their Belgian style saisons, farmhouse, and sours. ABV: 13.6% The beers are presented in alphabetical order by brewery. This beer gets better after each sip and is an amazing companion on a cold winter’s night. Flora Cuvée Bottle Release Registration Now Open⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Link in Bio!⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣https://www.universe.com/events/hill-farmstead-brewery-flora-cuvee-bottle-release-registration-tickets-greensboro-PKW5X4/, A post shared by Hill Farmstead Brewery (@hillfarmstead) on Feb 8, 2020 at 7:01am PST. Sticking with New England craft, Trillium has also helped usher in the era of haze. You can find that link in our bio still. “It’s what other dark beers aspire to be.”. Best Overall: Schneider Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock, Best German: Weihenstaphaner Hefe Weissbier, Best Stout: Firestone Walker Nitro Merlin, The 10 Best Nonalcoholic Beers to Drink in 2020, This Is the Useful History of Beer by Type, Beer Brewing Basics: How Your Favorite Beverage Is Made, The 12 Best Flavored Vodkas to Drink in 2020, 5 Beer Trips for Every Kind of Beer Lover, 7 New Summer Beers to Crack Open Right Now, 10 Distilleries and Breweries Where You Can Spend the Night, 6 Delicious Milk and Oatmeal Stouts to Try Right Now, Get to Know Makgeolli, Korea’s Ancient Rice Beverage. The original pilsner is the very definition of bright, crisp, and balanced—across sweet, hops, malt, and carbonation. The national awards programme for Scottish brewing has revealed the names of the best beers brewed in Scotland this year as part of its annual competition. Inspired by poppies of Flanders Field in Belgium, this Belgian-style sour beer is brewed from a brown ale base (Lost Abbey’s Dawn Patrol), blended with lager (Amigo Lager), and aged in oak barrels for more than a year. The hefty ABV — that suits sharing with your best friend — has a deep chocolate nature. You can travel to most of these breweries without a passport. Also released today is the first of our signature beers with the updated recipes for 2020. Florida’s iconic craft brewer Cigar City is probably best known for its heavy-hitting and award-winning imperial stouts. This wild ale spends ten months aging in old wine barrels that attract wild microflora from the Vermont farm air. The Brewery: So, fill your favorite beer glass with our picks of the best beers to drink. Mark C. Anderson has been covering adult beverages for more than 15 years across six award-winning publications and five continents. Adam Firestone and David Walker created one of the West Coast’s most iconic craft breweries back in 1996. This hoppy masterpiece leans into very quaffable and sessionable beer territory. If you can’t find a specific beer we include, ask your local brewery if they have something similar. We pay tribute to the park with a duo of our favorite Southern Hemisphere hop varietals: Galaxy and Nelson.