Prospective parents are advised to ask the school for a copy of the video presentation made by the school’s founder, Othman Sharif, which provides a fascinating and moving account of how AIS came to be established, its rationale and ethos, and the ongoing commitment of the whole school to meeting its ambitions to deliver a benchmark for education in the Emirates. How? Feedback from parents and teachers to our sister site, has been almost uniformly positive, particularly on the standard of teaching and the school’s support for students. Exclusive. • The capacity of the leadership of the school to act on MOE recommendations is “High” [MOE], • In some lessons student participation could be increased, particularly in classes for older students [MOE] In the UK system, critique and investigation arguably find their most sustained voice much later during A Level study. • “Meticulously planned curriculum to meet all students’ needs” [MOE] Junior School study centres on 8 core areas: mathematics, English, Science; society and environment [including history and business]; ICT; an additional language; Physical Health and Social Education [PHSE]; and “the Arts” more broadly including drama and dance. FS2: 34,280 Children join UAE Government to Make a Difference. School Leaders Reveal All. New KHDA Report Reveals the Facts about our Schools. Omar Jaffar, +971 (0) 6 558 9967 Second, critiques of the Australian school system in comparison with UK schools focus on its being less able to deal with children on the Special Educational Needs spectrum, including those children defined as Gifted and Talented [G&T]. Dyslexia. How? How? Launch of the First “UAE Teacher of the Year” Award at The Which School Show 2020. This school was built on quality – and nothing else. Dunecrest American School. International Baccalaureate Diploma, Education Queensland (Queensland Department of Education and Training) But we are committed to this.” – Othman Sharif, Co-Founder, Australian International School, Sharjah. Who? One of Britain’s oldest independent schools, the Royal Grammar School Guildford, set to open in Dubai in 20... Foremarke School Reduces Fees, Becomes Repton Al Barsha. YEAR 5: 39,480 +971 (0) 6 533 7722 New KHDA Report Reveals the Facts about our Schools. It is a multi-award-winning Indian international school in Dubai with an international outlook offering a curriculum that nurtures 21st-century skills. Full. Facility provision at the Australian International School is solid, but prospective parents should not expect the “bells and whistles” of the premium Tier 1s. YEAR 11: 57,160 Who? Note: School Leaders Reveal All. The relatively concentrated UK approach to learning core knowledge, and the considerable demands that entails, means that the English National Curriculum inevitably leaves UK schools with less room to absorb, meld and integrate local culture compared with the more holistic approach of the Australian curriculum. Previous international experience is welcomed. Dubai International Academy Al Barsha. Therapists And Counselling Services For Youths, Teens and Adolescents In The ... Aspen Heights British School, Al Bahya – The Review. Covid 19. Projected opening 2019-20, International - expected around 60 nationalities, Al Sharif Investment Group LLC, CEO: Dr. Omar Jaffar, FCA/Othman Sharif Here we look at some of the differences between the UK and Australian approaches, for example, and what makes an Australian school education stand out. ELC: 36,700 The Australian International School offers children the choice of graduating with the Australian High School Certificate or International Baccalaureate Diploma, this decided on the basis of which program will provide the best fit for individual children. The Early Years program follows the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia’ EYLF and ‘Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines’ QKLG based within a Reggio Emilia philosophy. YEAR 11: 60,150 • Attendance at 95% is above average [MOE] I realised none of the schools at that time was offering what I was looking for. These subjects extend and develop into Middle school. One of Britain’s oldest independent schools, the Royal Grammar School Guildford, set to open in Dubai in 20... Foremarke School Reduces Fees, Becomes Repton Al Barsha. YEAR 12: 66,300 • Hugely ambitious International Baccalaureate school seeking to combine, and protect, the best of Western education and Arabic, and local Emirati, culture. What? TV Special. Very Special. (1) All students must sit an academic assessment (3) Nationality: fully inclusive, Not published (WSA projected LOW) This is a free service for our readers from our sister site WhichSchoolAdvisor. Shared. AED 198,660,000 Australian International School (also known as AIS) is a K-12 private school located in Muweileh, Sharjah. ... KHDA Landscape Report 2020-2021: Enrolments Dip Slightly, But Total Number of Schools Up. Our world class facilities and dedicated, experienced teachers provide students with a wealth of opportunities while maintaining our focus on student wellbeing and happiness. Arabic is the language of instruction among public schools while English is emphasized as a second language. Dubai Education Uncovered. YEAR 8: 52,000 Fees are, for Sharjah, premium running from 34,280 AED at FS stages through to 63,400 AED in Year 12. A. These are studied with Theory of Knowledge; a Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) program; and an extended thesis on a subject of their own choice. • Queensland centred Australian curriculum offers significant preparatory advantages over equivalent English National Curriculum based parallel stream IB Diploma schools with a better holistic fit and investigative academic approach