Our private home paternity test uses 24 markers instead of the standard 16 markers, and is the most accurate home paternity test available.. The cost difference is minimal, but the accuracy of the results are over 1,000 times more powerful using a 24 marker home DNA paternity test instead of the standard 16 marker test … The kit can be purchased at nearly 20,000 drugstores and supercenters across the country. The HomeDNA Paternity Test, for at-home use, provides you with accurate, affordable, confidential DNA paternity results. Results … Fast online results are available in just 2 business days via your secure online account. A home DNA test provides a cheap, private, simple, and 100% accurate method to determine many biological relationships such as paternity, sibling, grandparents, and aunt/uncle.When you buy a home paternity test from an AABB accredited lab, your home DNA test will utilize the sames methods used for a legally binding DNA test in the privacy and comfort of your own home … Guaranteed to be the most accurate paternity test available. IDENTIGENE offers customers 1-day rush processing. Customers can purchase an IDENTIGENE DNA paternity test … How Does 1-Day DNA Paternity Testing Work? Current methodologies for DNA paternity testing is not instant, and likely won’t be in near the future. All testing is performed at our highly-accredited, onsite lab. When you need answers to potentially life-changing questions, the ticking of the clock seems especially loud. However, as of now, DDC can turn around 100% accurate results within two business days, and has expediting options as well, should you want your results … Results: Detail is crucial when it comes to DNA testing, but so is the clarity of how the results are presented.