The food and beverage industry, also known as the foodservice industry, consists of businesses that prepare food for customers. Students have to research extensively to be able to develop unique research topics on tourism which are attractive and addressing emerging issues in the tourism department. Give each student a few post-its, and have them write out 1 idea per post-it. Students who are pursuing courses in hospitality and tourism management have to write research projects that are unique and informing the policymakers to make decisions that are useful in improving tourism. I would really appreciate feedback on it and any suggestions of what other teachers of this subject do to enthuse students as I am new to teaching this subject. Students then post the post-its on the chalkboard or wall. Divide your students into small groups of 2. 4. ACTIVITIES I. Tourism Day. Use your benches, chairs, and dustbins as obstacles in your classroom. Trust activities for students of all ages. Students are provided with a question or prompt for which they need to generate ideas, solutions, etc. They must use their research skills to find the most appropriate activities for their clients/character. Hotels and accomodations dialogues. Activity. Create a timeline using a program such as Timetoast or TimeRime showing some of the changes in Bhutan since 1999 and their effects. It covers a wide range of jobs, locations, activities, and economic brackets. There are 4 sectors of the hospitality industry: food and beverage, lodging, recreation, and travel and tourism. General activities at national level 3. Activity 3: Tourism and development in Bhutan. It is the largest segment of the hospitality industry in the US. English for tourists and tourism. These activities are listed below for information. Obstacle run. Declaration of World Tourism Day (WTD) as a "Special Day for the entire national territory". B. Pick a curriculum topic, local feature, environmental issue, historical site, or a personally meaningful location. Use a T-chart to list the positive … Read Tourism for development in Bhutan. Integrate technology with social studies or geography. This part of the lesson will be a 10-minute • For students to understand the concern about tourism, they need to know what Niagara Falls was like in the late-19 th century. 11. Students examine a case study and statistics to determine some of the effects of tourism on the environment, economy and people of Bhutan. TechnoTravel. Create a real maze full of “roadblocks”. Item Number: INT-TRAVEL Description: UNIQUE TOURISM LESSONS: Engage middle school students as they design a travel advertisement using Google Docs or Microsoft Office. Airports and airplanes exercises. Just like in the team building examples above, these trust games are perfect for the classroom. This was designed to support the teaching of Unit 2 Travel and Tourism BTEC Level 2.