However, these calculators have the capability to add a program or app that gives the calculator … In other words, all versions of TI-84 Plus and TI-Nspire™ CX (excluding CAS) graphing calculators are allowed on the ACT ® exam. When it comes to shopping for the best SAT calculators… Anything NOT on this list is considered an ACT-approved calculator by default: You are NOT allowed to bring any kind of laptop, phone, tablet, or PDA to use as a calculator. Top 5 Best SAT Approved Calculators. ... here is our list of the top rated SAT approved calculators in 2017. Best Calculators for the SAT 2020: Quick Review & Comparison. Overall, graphing calculators are more convenient for taking the SAT. Calculators are allowed, but not required, on the math section of the ACT. You CANNOT have anything with … Just to note, all of these graphing calculators are permitted for use on the SAT, but these 5 are not an exhaustive list of every device that is approved … However, if you’re more comfortable with scientific devices, the first two products on the following list fit the bill. Not all calculators are allowed in the ACT … All math questions can technically be answered without a calculator, but most test-takers find that a calculator helps them complete the math section faster and more accurately. In September 2017, the calculator policy changed to include the language above.