The black-bellied whistling duck is showing up with increasing frequency in the Lowcountry, only seven years after the rare birds were spotted in South Carolina for the first time. “I never saw a black-bellied whistling duck until I moved to Ft. Myers, Florida, in 2010. Although a vast majority of the black-bellied whistling duck population lives south of the U.S. border, we’re lucky enough to have some resident breeders here in Brevard County! But these were teal and mallards and pintails among many other species he encountered there. Black-bellied Whistling-duck Description Black-bellied whistling-ducks, Dendrocygna autumnalis, have very long pink legs and a bright red bill and are impossible to miss, or misidentify. Black-bellied Whistling-Duck. Listen for them, too—these ducks really do have a whistle for their call. Chestnut-and-black body with electric pink legs and red bill. Male and female black-bellied whistling ducks are similar in size and color. They have a … Black-bellied Whistling-duck Read More » Listen +7 more audio recordings. Gangly with long neck and legs. Bold white stripe on wings visible in flight. A spectacularly marked, sociable, noisy waterfowl. The Black-bellied Whistling-Duck is a boisterous duck with a brilliant pink bill and an unusual, long-legged silhouette. Wood ducks and black-bellied whistling ducks and are common during the September teal season—why can’t we add them to the teal season bag limit? In places like Texas and Louisiana, watch for noisy flocks of these gaudy ducks dropping into fields to forage on seeds, or loafing on golf course ponds. The black-bellied whistling duck, however, actually does prefer to nest in natural cavities in trees. It will use a nest box if provided and even lay eggs on the ground in rare circumstances. POWERED BY MERLIN. Black-bellied whistling ducks fly slowly in shapeless formations. The black-bellied also has a propensity for intraspecific brood parasitism or dump-nesting. Travels in flocks. Often rests on low snags above water, and may perch high in dead trees. Dendrocygna autumnalis . In general, black-bellied whistling ducks are long-legged, long-necked and the most erect of all ducks. Black-bellied Whistling Duck Dendrocygna autumnalis Look familiar? They have a black belly with a chestnut nape, lower neck, chest, and back. A chestnut cap tops the head. They are about 21” in height and weight around one and three quarters pounds. Black-bellied Whistling-Duck. Identification. Sign in to see your badges. In North America found mostly near Mexican border, but has increased in numbers recently, partly because it will use nest boxes put out for it. A Minot, North Dakota, native, Bendell grew up with puddle ducks nesting in his backyard in the prairie pothole region. Dendrocygna autumnalis. In flight, they show long necks, trailing legs, and broad wings, but the most distinguishing feature is the contrasting black and white between the upper and lower wings. Their heads are gray with a russet colored cap, and a white eye ring. The U.S.