You can also try to hold everything, including the corridor, if you are a madlad. Contrast Velvet Glove / Austerity by Storm, where the other side gets a national spirit "Fired Up", but if you don't let them take too many Victory Points while active, they'll then get a negative national spirit that will hurt them. 770. The reason is Alf's popularity and background. A comprehensive list of Achievements and time passers for the hardcore (pardon me, hardKARL) Kaiserreich fan, the following guide was produced with the help of CinnamonGamer, KommandoCraft,Oberst Karl And begin training national guard units to station on your ports. Flag of the CSA. If you choose a type 3 or 4 civil war, these focuses won't impact loyality. You should be able to hold, consolidate and expand in the East due to having lots of units in a small space. You won't get much use of the few planes or support equipment you produce before the war. Now you got a type 4 civil war. If you pick a harmful option every event, the coalition will break sometime after the last event and before the election. In the New Industrial Act, you choose between IOWA and TENNESSEE. I find it very useful for those crucial techs that really give an edge in the war like fighter 1s, light tank 2s (if you plan to use tanks), radio, industry techs, artillery techs, and the 1st land doctrine tech (especially true for superior firepower). Otherwise the coalition stays together. Jun 24, 2017 @ 5:41pm. You should accept it and present it to congress. Mountains as far as you see. Would you be willing to do something similar for the other American factions? It also gives no penalties, so consider that. PSA resistance: Colorado (around Denver, watch it carefully! Type 1: Classic 4-way, or USA vs CSA vs AUS vs PSA. THIS IS A TRAP! This decreases their power, giving you better chances to flip swing states to your side. This forces a type 2. Type 1 civil war:, Type 2 civil war:, Type 3 civil war:, Type 4 civil war: 73.3k members in the Kaiserreich community. The secret is to mass spam militia. In the Hawking act you choose between MINNESOTA (Minneapolis) and NORTH CAROLINA (Charlotte). If you don't trust your skills, pick this one. By forming the coalition and electing Olson you may compromise with Jack Reed via the "The Velvet Glove" focus. Just make sure to have a large infantry army with at least some artillery, the more the better. With the coalition I haven't failed once, and I have done so numerous times. You also get neat bonus events, such as the nomination of Floyd Olson for president and Roosevelt for VP. In addition, you'll have a Fired Up national spirit that gives you massive bonuses against the US for 6 months. Infrastructure construction can also be a solid choice. with the swing states, if I play as the feds I will make sure to keep the other parties at the lowest I can, if the coalition can get 55+ % in the political pie you will usually win all or just the important ones (texas and NYC), the strategy i find the best as the feds in a 3-way civil war is to evacuate west have texas and push early on the AFP while getting the SPA to the Mississipi the aus will collapse after new Orleans and Atlanta and some other city will fall, during that time you want to hold NYC, it is a big city and the ai will have a hard time taking it, after the AFP collapse, it is much easier to take on the SPA, you need to push in two places, Chicago to Detroit to Cleveland and DC to Philadelphia to new york. 770. As president, you can either sign the act or veto it, preventing it from passing. You will find yourself more prepared. Now the civil war is about to begin. Thanks a lot! When the other factions pop up, be careful not to accidentally choose to play as them. The only useful state the CSA gives are new york and new jersey, which are easily captured in a few weeks anyway, whereas having NC, TN, and southern Texas gives you a much wider defensive position as well as guaranteed oil that isnt too difficult to hold. Even without the guide somone posted it seemed fine, but then I thought guide would help even further. However, compromise also gives power to the rebellious radicals. An event detailing your options will come soon. Instructions unclear, was conquered by Hawaii. If you choose tariff punishment instead of compromise, they are more likely to occupy New England and not support you. share. If you want it to be even easier, you should break up the coalition and elect Alf Landon. Is there a guide where it tells what to do before the 2ACW starts to give the CSA a boost in the fight say more states and what is the best scenario for the CSA to win e.g Long was assassinated? First of all, you get some extra units around the country instantly, unless you have a type 3 or 4 civil war. The end result is the same, MacArthur coups and a 4-way civil war starts. This assumes a type 1 or 2 civil war. In one Russia game I saw them flee to the west then while collapsing marched through the AUS and the CSA to New England, then one the war by pushing across the entire continent. report. The US is one of my favorite countries to play in Kaiserreich but I didn't know some of those minmaxing strategies in the guide such as choosing both compromise with the SPA/AFP and forming the Coalition guaranteeing if not near-guaranteeing the Garner-Wagner bill passing. You will get flavor events about Long and Reed trying to attack President Landon, but failing miserably making themselves look like fools.