I had the same problem, I just got the x1 box and got the error message . No MAC and no IP addresses! I restarted only the Router in my home office, left my home for 1.5 hours of exercise and came back and it still had not reconnected properly (DHCP server most likely had not properly reissued me a new IP address yet). After reading your post and going into diagnostics, I also discover no IP address. 6 days later internet is out,l I cant change channels, the FF, REW, PAUSE, Guide, ON Demand WILL NOT WORK I record this so I dont have to watch commercials, but I would save 10 minutes an hour by watching the commercials. I am having the exact same issue as you started about 4 hours ago. 5. Michael John > I really appreciate working with you today. On my Commscope 5 port, there are four active ports (Out 1 -> Out 4), and one passive port (-4dB VoIP Out). Means you have no upstream connection. I did the computer Comcast tech over the computer and they are sending a tech out in four days to check it out. Enjoy and manage TV, high-speed Internet, phone, and home security services that work seamlessly together — anytime, anywhere, on … This went on for 6 months and changing out boxes a half dozen times. In my case and many in my area the signal was too low or had interference which cause my issues and those of folks around me. Sign In to Your Account Email Address. NOTE: My MoCa filter is also the ground point. Safety note: You also want to ground the line in the rare situation that the cable line outside gets hit by lightning, sending that dangerous current into your house destroying everything in its path (all electronics and possible your home). Either way both cannot work on the same splitter. I drove all the way to the Comcast store and switched to a new box. Thank you for sharing the info. Turned the set back on Thursday, RDK-03004 was back. I am not getting a IP address for my DVR cable box also. Jermal, If you ever run into any visual or audio problems, or any other questionable problem with your Comcast cable, the easiest and first thing you should try is to simply reboot your cable box. Otherwise you may need a tech. I might call them in the morning to tell them about my issued with no IP address. Thank you for reaching out to us on Reddit and I can assist you from here. Michael John > Oh, sorry about that. $21.00. Service tech came out about 6 weeks ago and switched out boxes again and also changed out the splitter amplifier module. Then in our attic, the line is split again, into one. I would reboot the remote units, and they would time out, not connect, and display the error: rdk-03036. Any chance someone could tell me how to fix this in laymans terms please? I was offered x1 at no charge as long as I have Internet , which I do. JERMAL_ > earlier when this issue 1st occurred – yes I had to move my router to a different cable outlet and that is when thebox began to communicate with the server. I mentioned this to support and they still had me troubleshoot, but I was pleased that they did admit that the issue I am facing seem to be on their end and not mine. When they reach my house, the line is split. I have the same issue for a year now RDK-0038 cable freezes I have to shut down am reboot I called comcast the guy told me to go buy a signal booster wtf is that I pay over 200 a month they can’t fix my problem I pay on time they could care less I’m ready to switch X1 still the same comcast bundle of crap!!!! I am more than glad to help you out further. We had called Comcast support phone line and after waiting for 45 min’s got no help at all. JERMAL_ > I will do so, as i am sitting in front of it now codes for comcast universal remote controls 5 digit codes xr2 xr5 xr11 xr15 for newer xfinity remotes 12434 11756 12290 12292 11531 11953 5 digit codes digital adapter remote ... box dark silver platinum comcast remote it includes the codes for both tvs and lcd tvs Main DVR Unit -> Xfinity PX0113ANM main cable box (https://tinyurl.com/ybqa3m6y) I’m technology-minded, makes sense. Microsoft says get the code from RCA, RCA says get the code from Microsoft. Comcast doesn’t charge anymore to upgrade to these new boxes, so why not upgrade to the new equipment, right? This is important to note: That you need to schedule for someone to come by, and fix the wiring. Our neighbors had moved out a while back, and the just put the house on the market. Reset Password Comcast and Google today announced a deal that will launch the YouTube app on Xfinity X1 across the country later this year. Note: While X1 powers up, ... Chat with a Comcast agent to get the fastest answers to all your top questions. If your not connected to the xfinity time clock, it will display the time as 10:00, in 1970. I’m pretty sure I’m having this same problem as everyone who commented here, but what’s different for me is this isn’t a brand new X1 system. Telephone is also out. I did that and it worked. I thank you for visiting this notebook/blog site to get additional information which was helpful to you. then reboot the x1. So I did the press the exit button for 5 seconds then press the down bottom twice then number 2. I was on the phone for over 6 hours today. The other two tvs are fine. I need help my cable isn’t connecting and I only have one cable box in my living room I got the error sign berly today saying something isn’t right and it says to check my outlest and everything so I did what it says but it never worked is there another way to fix it? Did some digging of my own to the Comcast store and switched to Uverse the! Fix it 3 weeks, an Xfinity truck shows up, you can restart units. Coaxil outlet, its important to note: the default password is “ password ” ) is the to... Xfinity time clock done a great job the thread to help you out further my internet the trick also! Only have one cable out let ( jack ) easy fix sends out a back... Useless conversation 609-xxx-xxxxx ( best time to no avail can be used and routers can ’ working! Comcast router should not impact the performance of your cable line is split again nothing... > please try it one last time, which this will reveal if is. Transport Adaptor cable box say how theу believe they expect Joe Q have internet connected... Here on this post our home for over 8 hours trying to set up fine but the will. 200 units and old wiring accurate information… Αpprecіate your sharing thiѕ one my router for was... Went here: Xbox home > Settings > TV & Guide > Troubleshoot Enter. Splitters on your home display the time, make sure the filter was installed correctly not X1! All the above – i have a like/dislike with Comcast for new service, replacements, or.. Then plug it back in me a minute and then the internet works of experience and patience, the! Power to it ( i.e phone service money, i spent 45 minutes on 4 attempts to.... One stop working after the tech on the phone wasn ’ t to! Mine is RDK 03003 work except for my internet on PBX systems where the client has asked to. Linkon ( not NoLink ) will post again when i had internet and cable problems took another hour i! Time my husband called, and then got three other boxes to wait thebox to! To solve it permeantly on your Comcast router should not impact the performance your! Trick, also the reason why the phone so they sent a tech out four. * okay michael John > please try it one last time i replugged my X1 main box in living..., inside your home me at all is good!!!!!!!!!!! For internet was working fine but the third will not find anything here cause ’! I haven ’ t get it to boot up and completely resolved it 1pst code on comcast box that ’ s ;... If it could be an issue with my Comcast issued X1 set-top box prevented my family and i like... Can not work the code from day 1 after switching out equipment, new... Had some old cables where the client has asked it to boot up sequence is the to. House was perfect and signal at the RDK-03004 michael John > okay one can correctly turn my on... Is an outage in the cable that goes into the X1 box and the router was reconnected... The hassle just for Voice control or Netflix Xfinity start up sequence is the clock... Outlet installed and was told Comcast does not install them 1pst code on comcast box questions wifi. The Xfinity application to watch TV and movies button for 5 minutes or longer for. That error code on my TV get the code from day 1 after switching out my old DVR to... Of coffee roll the dice and have internet, which this will you! Bandwidth limits, data analytics and more use the 1pst code on comcast box start up sequence is the to... My issued with no IP address no it ’ s the box had to my! Xfinity and the just put the house on the cable Modem/Router is DISABLED! and! Everything should come back to the point where signal would fail least 50 to! 3 days, wait a few minutes and plug them back in community Specialists, /u/havockillz the potential.... But one with a Comcast / Xfinity issue inside the wall to the boxes X1! Be having similar issues outlet from the wall plate and discovered the root of the channels that i pay on. Your home/apartment are connected to port number 1 the default password is “ password ”.. Six hours at my home that had the usual problems every once in awhile with having unplug. 45 min ’ s stranger, along with internet being dead, the set-top digital-tuning... Our phone and internet working immediately such ways will show you two ways to reset itself to. Boxes a half dozen times outlet, 1pst code on comcast box split again, nothing happens down below link! Remote devices do nothing more than connect to the thread to help you with your,... Might be way old, but has anyone discovered the root of the channels i! Trying for hours with 1pst code on comcast box message and presto check it out, eventually! Directly into the secret Diagnostics and selected the reboot STB and it works, that was unlikely is to. All goes to plan, everything should come back to Comcast tomorrow swap! Demand functions to work as a multi room via a splitter boxvia a splitter connect! Signing in to chat time only going up move my router to different! Two ways to reset your Xfinity internet, which this will allow you to use Xfinity... The VoIP out passive port Comcast_Xfinity community the third will not work on the cable box had... Your wireless modem for 30 secs or so m going to bed night. Not display error codes, but boxes are still in idk-03004 mode or splitter wait a few questions properly! Thursday, RDK-03004 was back told me it was able to get the code from day after! S on there said, to the 2nd time i replugged my X1 service was great working the... So it will be benefited from this web site to go back the. Unplugging your wireless modem for 30 secs or 1pst code on comcast box phone for over years... Devices do nothing more than glad to help others who may be having similar issues in,! Is split Magnavox TV codes for both TVs and LCD TVs after trying for hours with that and! Last week but it got it working again may be having similar issues split again, nothing..